And the Winners Are…

Usually, I am not able to attend Yahya’s sports games.  So, I have been looking forward to watching the team play soccer since last year.  Saturday’s game was special too.  Yahay’s school belongs to the same city league as his former Muslim team.  Well, this past weekend they were paired to play each other.  Not only had Yahya played for the Muslim team but two other Muslim boys on his school team had also played for them previously.  Not only that, but my husband had coached the same team when they were a little y0unger.  Nevertheless, it was quite an exciting and tense game.  Yahya’s school ended up scoring the winning goal in the last few minutes!  It was a happy car ride home:)

So far,  this year has been a bit of improvement over last year for Yahya in academic areas, emotional growth and maturity, and physically.  He is running for school president and has high ambitions in his classes.  We held him back or “red shirted” him a year when he began school in 5th grade.  In retrospect, I think that it was a wise move. 

 I am also truly grateful for the mere existence of a school that caters to middle school aged boys and their needs. There have also been advancements in the opportunities for the boys through community grants.  This year the school is offering exploratory classes for the first time.  Yahya is enrolled in Advanced Architecture, Introduction to Flight, Technical Mountain Biking, and Bike Mechanics.  They also have a yearly trip to the state fair coming up which is always a hugh hit with Yahya.   

We keep continuing to pray for his success and the well-being of our family and yours as well.

4 responses to “And the Winners Are…

  1. Assalaamu alaikum
    Baarakallaah Feekum! It is always so pleasing to read the success of your family and may Allaah continue to bless you with His blessings abunduntly. Years go by and the kids grow, Alhamdulillaah and we expereince many things in life Alhamdulillaah. So nice to see Yahya blossoming into his maturity and getting the best training to become a Muslim Man who would have a rounded personality which will please Allaah and benefit the community Inshaa Allaah! We are so proud of all your achievements. Allaahu Baarik Lahum.

    • Wa alaikum as salaam Umm Maimoonah,
      Jazakillah khayran to you for sticking by us and caring. It has been a bumpy road with lots of growing pains which I’m sure will continue, but we all pray for the best outcome always. I will relay your sincere words to Yahya, insha Allah.

  2. Assalamualaykum,
    What an amazing range of activities, maashAllah. Well done for watching his soccer game…I haven’t watched one yet!!!

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