Literature and Grammar

I’m trying to get psyched up for the week, so I thought I would share some books were are currently working though.

Jennah and Hawwa are enjoying the oral lessons, poem memorization, stories, and skits from First Language Lessons by Jessie Wise.  I used this book with Hannah and Jamilah years ago as well.  Hannah and Jamilah did go on to use the next level 3? of First Language Lessons, but I don’t think I would use it again because of the long lessons with diagramming (this word doesn’t even exist in spell check) sentences. 

The little ones have also started the Smithsonian’s Backyard series.  The series is about wildlife and habitats developed under the direction of curators for the National Museum of Natural History.  It is quite nice for this age group. 

Jennah and Hawwa are both progressing in their reading.  Jennah is finally catching on and loves the Dick and Jane series.  There is only one book at the library called Storybook Treasury of Dick and Jane and Friends as it is a series written in 1946.  I purchased two others from the bookstore a few years ago, so I think they have enough to work on for awhile.

My goals for Jennah this week is to keep pushing her forward with reading and some writing.  In addition to the world geography they are studying at home as well as in co-op, we are reading a book about Virginia and doing a bit of Virginia history. Each time I read the book to them, I feel like going to see each historical site mentioned right away.  So many places children read about in school are right here in our backyard.  It just make sense to go visit, insha Allah.  Plus, these places really take on a different meaning for me now that I am actually homeschooling and not just going on a school field trip.  I’m more interested in learning myself rather than worrying about who I am sitting next too. 

 To tie it all in with writing, I am thinking of possibly a simple lapbook project on the state of Virginia for the little girls.  More planning and printing needed first though. 

2 responses to “Literature and Grammar

  1. Assalamualaykum,
    The trips and lapbook combination sounds great, you should definitely do that, inshAllah.

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