Before and After Eid

I’m popping in after a short break from blogging over the Eid holidays.  Over the blogging lapse, I’ve realized that I’ve stopped documenting through both words and pictures the activities in which we have been participating.  This has really allowed me to live more in the moment and enjoy more of the time I’m spending with the children.  The micromanaging of their homeschooling and life in general was really just getting to be too much.  Plus, I am also holding out for a camera on a new phone:) In addition,  I don’t always have the opportunity to get onto my laptop during the course of the day or evening.

Over the course of the last several weeks we have been moving forward with the homeschool co-op.  Hannah’s class has moved on to the book, The Lord of the Flies.   They work on vocabulary, complete projects, and discuss the literary elements of the book.  She is the youngest in the class, so I’m just kind of treating this as an introduction to this type of literary study for her.  The preschoolers and I went on a visit to the fire station as part of fire safety month.  Even Isa enjoyed the visit.

We have also started the Girl Scout year and I am Hannah’s leader (Cadette) this year.  We meet in the masjid along with another youth group and this is an issue as some of the girls want to participate in both groups.  For me it is very disruptive and I’m not sure that the girls could fully benefit from participating in both as the programs meeting time overlaps.  I am really happy with the opportunities that the girls have been given through the Girl Scout organization and would love to see all of them continue on as they get older.  I’m just not so sure that the Islamic Girl Scout troop will be the best group to continue with though. Is it just our community or is lack of parental involvment in our Muslim’s children’s lives a global issue?  May Allah grant the Muslims success in our projects.  Ameen.

Recently, Hannah was a pioneer and was the only Muslim scout from her troop to attend a Girl Scout workshop about electricty and engineering.   This program is only offered every several years and is a cooperative effort with the state power company and the Girl Scouts to attract more girls into science fields.

On the homefront, I’m really guiding the older girls towards more independent work.  We are emphasing to them that they are going to have to help research, record and document, and share in some way what they have learned.  I hope that I am not requiring too much, but I feel fully confident that they are capable of this. 

So as a result, Jamilah recently completed a Hajj project on her own right before Eid.  She was really proud of herself and I could see her beaming with self confidence afterwards.

As for Eid, it was really wonderful this year.  Alhamdulillah, we spent a couple of days with another homeschooling Muslim family.  The girls decorated the house and we had a little party here.  My husband was also able to sacrifice a goat this year.  He peformed the sacrifice in our friend’s backyard.  It was awesome!  This was only his second opportunity since we have become Muslim.  Allah has blessed us so much and we are so grateful.  Allahu akbar!

Now, we are in the midst of preparing for the “Superstorm.”  Please make du’a for us and all the other Muslim families along the east coast.  One third of the county will be affected by the storm.  If we lose power,  I’m not sure how long that will last, but I’ll try to stop by and keep everyone updated, insha Allah.

6 responses to “Before and After Eid

  1. As salaamu alaykum, my Dearest Sister. Eid Mubarak to you and yours!

  2. Assalamualaykum,
    maashAllah I just loved this post! Your Eid decorations were wild!!! The streamers look so long, was everyone just running through them with their arms in the air? Amazing!
    I can see Isa just waiting to squirt some water there, maashAllah!
    A goat in the back yard – I’ve never heard of anyone doing that in this country, congratulations on your achievement.
    As for lack of parental involvement amongst the Muslims, that is absolutely an issue round here too. When my sons go to play football their team has only one or two parents going along to support – sometimes none. The opposition team usually has lots of parents, sometimes the whole family goes along.

  3. also, congratulations to your girls on their recent achievements.

  4. Assalamo alaikum sis,

    It’s so good to hear from you, in light of the recent events I was worried that we hadn’t heard from you. I was just trying to look up my email contacts to drop in a line…….
    Anyway it was a great post mashaAllah, I’m sure you feel liberated being able to leave off the blogging for a while!
    The decorations look fantastic mashaAllah, I’m sure all of the children had a ball. Unfortunately it’s illegal to slaughter in the UK anywhere other than a slaughterhouse so that will never be an option for us, although I wouldn’t miss gutting it on the eid day, lol.
    A big congratulations to the girls mashaAllah their work looks really lovely, it has been wonderful to follow your families’ journey over the years. I’m sure I am not just speaking for myself when i say you have been a true inspiration mashaAllah!

    • Wa alaikum as salaam ummsalaam,

      You don’t think anyone just does the sacrifice in the backyard in the UK anyway? Honestly, I don’t know all the regulations here. I know to keep livestock we need a specific amount of acreage. We have some neighbors who own chickens on a half an acre. Your supposed to have like 200ft. It was really a lot of fun actually (my husband did the gutting). We all cooked together and ate some of the fresh meat. I do have to admit that it really smelled awful. We didn’t get the chance to sacrifice until the third day.

      Jazakillah khayran for your continued concern and involvement in our journey with all the ups and downs. I truly cherish our friendship.

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