Moving On

As salaam alaikum sisters,

At this time,  I am unable to continue to update this blog on a regular basis.  For me this blog has been somewhat like a full time teaching job by sharing our projects, activities, and outings in great detail.  So, after evaluating my families’ needs as well as my own, I think it would be best if I left this space for an undetermined amount of time to focus on other areas of my life.  I just am unable to give it the full time and attention that a blog requires. 

I still would love to follow your blogs and home education journeys though.  Please email me your links as Isa has damaged my laptop and I’m not able to use it at all at the moment.  I am on facebook (username-ummtafari) and do post through that media from time to time and find it a bit easier to follow my fellow muslim sisters around the world. 

3 responses to “Moving On

  1. Assalaamu alaikum sis, I know I don’t always comment on your posts but will miss you and your inspirations however, I do understand completely your reasons for taking a break; I’m not a regular blogger myself as I too find it more demanding than I originally thought. Also as the kids get older they seem to want more privacy and ask me not to include lots of stuff of the blog too LOL. I will catch up with you on Facebook inshaAllah. In the meantime continue to enjoy your family, they are precious mashaAllah. Wassalaam xXX

  2. Assalamuaykum,
    will miss you! I have not joined facebook at all so far. I don’t really “get” what it’s for!
    I will email you the link to my blog again inshAllah. I keep going with mine – it motivates me and is my “selfish time”.

    • Wa alaikum as salaam ummrashid,

      I admire you for your stamina. Keep up the amazing perseverance.

      Insha Allah, I’m going to pop in from time to time. I just feel a strong desire to relieve myself of this responsibility at the moment.

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