Pacing in this Marathon

I have intended to update this blog for the last several days and now finally I’ve found a few moments to focus over here.

We are currently between sport seasons with Yahya having just finished up basketball and about to start soccer and tennis.  I am really excited that this spring that Siddiqah and Hawwa will also be playing soccer and Jennah and Jamilah will be playing field hockey, insha Allah.  Not sure what Hannah will do sports wise as the team for her age group was full.  She does hope to participate in a free cooking academy taught by a local chef who also happens to be Muslim.  So excited!  Anyway, our spring Saturdays will surely be hectic (in a good way) with children on three different teams and games all over town.

Watching Yahya’s basketball games inspired me to pick up a ball as well as the game again.  I have also been inspired to search for other women who play basketball as well as other opportunities to play.  We recently joined the Y rec center where I inquired about them setting up a time and a place just for women to play. The adults sports coordinator was more than willing but explained that she had attempted this several times before and just couldn’t get any women interested. Could I be the only women almost 40 years old who wants to ball?  Oh well, I guess I will continue to play with Yahya and my husband until something else comes up. 

In addition to sports the girls and I have been very busy with Girl Scouts. They have been working on their My Promise My Faith pin which integrates their deen into the Girl Scout law.  I use every opportunity to weave Girl Scouts into homeschooling.

We also just finished earning a Global Action Award where the girls learned about their chosen charity ,, and about water filtration. I really enjoyed planning and organizing this activity for the girls.  I was able to use my background and expertise to educate and share with them.  Just love it!

So as far as hands-on activities are concerned, the activities they complete in Girl Scouts and during homeschool coop make up the bulk of them this year.  When we are at home it is all I can do to keep up with the language arts, math, Qur’an, and life skills along with the speech therapy practice and chasing around after Isa (2).  Just doing my best to be patient and keep up with it all.

Everyday is a still a struggle and I pray I am able to please Allah and balance it all in the midst.

3 responses to “Pacing in this Marathon

  1. masha’Allah sis, i don’t do even a tiny bit of what you do, and have no idea how you physically susutain it all mashaAllah. may Allah increase you and grant you taufiq in this world and the next amin.

    “Just doing my best to be patient and keep up with it all.”

    keep on keeping on .))))) xxx
    wa salaam

    • Amin.

      I think we have to keep up our physical stamina in order to keep up with it all. I am always so thankful that I was very physically active in my younger years as it has been a positive difference as I get older:)

  2. JazekAllah khair for updating us, you are busy as usual mashaAllah, may Allah give you success, ameen!

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