So, my husband and I made it home safely from our trip to San Diego.  It was so wonderful and to be honest a much needed break from everything here.  It was great to see my brother and family and I was really spoiled not having to care for the children for several days who by the way were fine:) Alhamdulillah.

Unfortunately, I’m have to admit I am having a difficult time getting back into the swing of things here.  Despite my body being here, my mind is still in San Diego. And those of you with a large family know that you have to hit the floor running regardless.  As soon as I got back there are Girl Scout meetings to attend and soccer and field hockey games to prepare for.  By the way, Jamilah and Jennah did wondefully in their first field hockey game and both of them even scored points. 

Sadly, I did loose my phone on the flight, so all of the pictures from this year’s homeschooling are lost.  I am not as concerned with having them for the evaluation as now that there are going to be 4 children to evaluate this year, I don’t think we will have time for them anyway.  I am more saddened at the fact that we will not be able to have them for ourselves as the children get older.  When we reflect over the pictures, it serves as a reminder of their learning despite our insecurities and our happy experiences together.  May Allah replace them with something better. Ameen

Anyway, I am grateful to have made it home safely but truly trying to get my heart back into homeschooling.  I don’t think it was the trip because I have been feeling this way for years, but the trip just exacerbated my feelings more so.  Just going through the homeschooling motions and searching for inspiration. 





7 responses to “Readjusting

  1. As salaamu alaikum I wish I could help ease your stress. Maybe try remembering that Allah will not put a burden on us we can’t handle alhumdulillah. I also went through a very down period and had very similar feelings not about homeschooling as I hadn’t begun that journey yet but about everthing in general I started taking St.John Worts you can find it anywhere they sell vitamins its a mood enhancer minus the drugs it helped me out mashaa Allah. May Allah grant you ease and may your time of turmoil be an expiation for you. AMEEN

    • Wa alaikum as salaam UmmKhalil,

      Jazakillah khayran for the reminder about St. John’t Wort. I think I tried it years ago but might try it again now. I suffer from also suffer from PMS which contributes to some of these feelings and thoughts that I battle with, so maybe it would help with that. Ameen to your du’as and shukran for being there. It means so much to me.

  2. Asalamualaikum sister, I will remember you in my duas. There’s not really anything I could say to motivate you as you know better all the good things about homeschooling. I pray you feel better and motivated soon.

    • Wa alaikum as salaam sister, I appreciate all the du’a I can get:) I am forcing myself to keep up with things and I am also praying I won’t have to force myself and it will just come more naturally soon, insha Allah.

  3. Assalamualaykum,
    Just catching up here sister. May Allah make it easy for you. Please try to see the positives. There is great reward in bringing up children. Everything we do for them for the sake of Allah is greatly rewarded inshAllah. Whatever is tough is not wasted and when the Day comes you will be glad of all the tests you went through in life and all the hard work you put in.
    I hope you don’t mind me expressing it like that, but when things are difficult remembering Allah is the only true comfort.
    For myself I have recently come to realise that when my youngest turns five I will probably have to return to some kind of employment (through necessity not choice). I’m dreading having to juggle home schooling with working. It is weighing on my mind a lot, but I suppose this is a test for me.
    I think I should subscribe to your blog now, so I don’t come so late to any future posts inshAllah!

    • Wa alaikum as salaam ummrashid,
      Jazakillah khayran for the reminders, sis. I need them as do we all. May Allah also make it easy on you. Ameen.

      Was the returning to work always the plan? Sometimes I feel like it would be a challenge I wouldn’t mind, but not sure I would be able to juggle both.

  4. Assalamualaykum,
    Returning to work is not in my plan!!! No way, I dread the thought of it and have no idea how I would juggle it all. But may become unavoidable unfortunately.

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