The Science of Happiness

Hannah and I have been working on the requirements for the Science of Happiness Girl Scout badge these past several weeks.  She has been recording her feelings in a journal after completing activities that she finds pleasurable as well after doing something nice for someone else.

On the other hand, I have altered my experiment a bit and decided to capture  pictures of some things that made me feel happiness over the last week and blog about them here.  For the last several weeks Hawwa and Jennah attended an art class in which they learned some new painted techniques.  Their painting brought me happiness and are proudly displayed on our walls.


Another one of their activities that brought a smile to my face recently was the sundial experiment.  I have been feeling so inadequate in the area of science lately, so just paying attention to the fact that we completed a science activity was great.


Next week is Girl Scout Volunteer Appreciation week and the girls and I created bliss boxes for their leaders as gifts.  They decoupaged some tin boxes and filled them with inspirational quotes, tea, and candy.  Girl Scouts as well as doing nice things for other always lifts my spirits.


Watching my little ones play soccer is another activity that I have been finding pleasurable lately.  They are just so cute out there on the field:)


Catching my children getting along and helping each other always makes me smile and fills me with hopefulness.  May Allah keep them close always.  Ameen.


2 responses to “The Science of Happiness

  1. Assalamualaykum,
    Really enjoyed this post, maashAllah.

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