A Teaching Position

peOverall, our first year with the homeschooling coop went very well. The children  especially enjoyed the physical education class as well as the geography class. Hannah did end up dropping the literature class and moving back into the geography class due to the fact that I felt uncomfortable with a few of the literature picks. One of the picks was The Enders Game by Orson Scott Card. It is a controversial science fiction novel. I’m not sure why the instructor found it suitable for middle school aged students.

Anyway, we have been discussing the courses and instructors lined up for next year and I actually volunteered to teach a middle school chemistry course next year, insha Allah. Hannah and Jamilah have been literally begging for me to help them learn science and honestly, I have not been able to do much in the way of formal science due to obstacles here at home (Isa and time restraints). So, I figured that this would be a perfect opportunity for me to focus on them while someone else is helping out with Isa and the younger children at the coop. Also, as many of you know, I have had an itching to teach more formally and work with that age girl as well for a while now. Let’s pray no boys want to join in!


So, I really excited for next year. The other homeschoolers involved the coop are wonderful as everyone pitches in and does their part. Sometimes you find what you are looking for right under your nose!

5 responses to “A Teaching Position

  1. masha Allah baraka Allah…looks like the kids had fun.wish we had the homeschool co-op here too.

    • They just love it, maashaa Allah. We will miss it this summer although there still will be weekly park days and such.

      Just keep your eyes and ears open for opporunties. You never know what may come up, insha ALlah.

  2. MashaAllah tabarakAllah sis your time with the co-op sounds like such fun. I know you have to plan the lessons but I guess in the long run it makes home ed easier and much more fun and the kids get to spend time with others; which is what they enjoy I think! I pray that Allah ta’ala makes next year successful for you and the co-op too inshaAllah xXXx

  3. Assalamualaykum,
    It is great that your co-op covers the various age ranges, maashAllah. it is so true that you never know what is so near by. My sons have a homeschooled friend just round the corner from us, but I met his mum through the internet! SubhanAllah, we might not have found each other without that!

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