Mama’s Taxi

So far our summer has consisted mostly of trying to keep Yahya occupied and engaged in beneficial activities so he won’t stay at home and fight with the girls. I had a huge amount of anxiety over being able to find something for him on a low budget.  After making lots of du’a we found several volunteer programs where he would be able to participate without a parent.

Now I am busy with taxing him to and from A Grace Place which is an adult day care facility and the Y where he volunteers for youth sports as well as practices his basketball. Today I when I picked him up for A Grace Place, I brought Isa along for the clients to see. They were so excited to see a small child. I plan on taking the girls there next week to help with a craft and so the older girls can work on earning community service hours.


Yahya will be visiting his grandmother next week so I will be able to focus on the girls a bit more. When he returns, he will be attending a 2 week long leadership institute at the Maggie L Walker National Historic Site, insha allah. We were very happy that he was accepted into this program as it is very competitive and only a few spaces available, alhamdulillah.

Also, Hannah and Yahya were both accepted into another community service program for teens called Teen Impact. Hannah will be learning about local homelessness and Yahya about urban farming. Allah has truly blessed us with wonderful hands-on learning opportunities this summer.

Not only has he been busy with community service but also working on his summer math assignments too. It isn’t his strongest subject and he acknowledges that he needs to spend a great deal more time on it especially if he decides to go into engineering or another science field.
Finally, he had a basketball coach from a local private school approached him while he was practicing at the Y and expressed interest in his potential. He asked whether or not he was playing in any summer leagues which isn’t currently in our budget and he also asked to speak to us though neither my husband nor myself were present.  Not sure anything will materialize as a result but it has motivated him even more so with all of his endeavors. Just keep making du’a because we are nothing without the help of Allah.

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