Fasting, Iftar, and Graduation

Last year I blogged about the difficulty of fasting while breastfeeding. This year is the first Ramadan that I haven’t been pregnant or nursing since I became Muslim. Subhannallah! What a difference! I didn’t have anything to compare it to before so I wasn’t sure if there actually was a difference. Sure I still get thirsty, tired,and hungry, but my limbs aren’t constantly limp and I am not totally exhausted every moment of the day. This is much better.

Also, last night was the first iftar we attended in several years. A sister from our biweekly halaqa called an invited us to an iftar which she was hosting at the office space that the masjid rents for Ramadan. It was packed. I only knew two sisters there and one was the hostess. No problem. We just enjoyed the catered food and I was happy not to have to cook and clean up for a night. There are various masajid in the nearby area which offer daily iftars and I would like for us to attend more often as the girls really like to be around other Muslims. Currently, that is really only happening biweekly at the halaqas. One of the issues is that Isa goes to sleep so early and now that Maghreb doesn’t come in until 8:30pm, we have to eat and run home to put him to bed.

I have invited one of the homeschooling mothers and her children from the homeschool co-op to join us for an iftar. I would really like to find one where I know more people though because, well, women came be women and I don’t want her to feel uncomfortable and out of place as even I do from time to time even though I have been a Muslim for almost 12 years.

In other news, Yahya graduated from the summer youth leadership institute today. He had to make a presentation to the audience of parents/grandparents/guests along with his classmates. He loves public speaking, so this is never an issue for him. I just hope he continues to implement what he learned in this course at home, at school, and amongst his friends.


Hannah also has completed her Teen Impact program. She loved it and also was sad it was over. Before the program started the Hannah and Jamilah had made DIY T shirt bags as one of the projects offered through Handson RVA, the same organization who sponsored the Teen Impact program. The bags were for a battered women’s shelter which she visited one day this week and donated time cleaning the shelter.

3 responses to “Fasting, Iftar, and Graduation

  1. Assalamualaykum,
    Congratulations to the kids.
    SubhanAllah, did you fast through your pregnancies? When I’ve been pregnant in Ramadan I’ve taken the permit and not fasted most of the time. Breastfeeding hasn’t been so bad, as the babies have all been over 6 months, except the first year with newborn Faris, but I hadn’t finished my post-birth “break” when that Ramadan began.

  2. alhamdulillah!

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