Staying Busy

Overall, this past week has been really nice. I find that the fast for the children and I goes much more smoothly if we stay busy and by maintaining a balance of at home activities and out of the house activities.

A few of the highlights for this week included storytime at the library along with fish printing with real fish, attending an alpaca program at a country library, and learning more about wildlife rehab in our area. It was the first time we had visited the library where the alpacas were on display. I sometimes forget that living in the suburbs allows us to not only visit the city but the country as well. The 20 min. drive out to the country library was actually very refreshing. We really enjoyed our time there as well. The librarians were very child friendly and the library was stocked with fun toys for the children.



We also attended a very nice Islamic class given by a sister on du’a as well. We have also been enjoying iftar at another masjid several nights in a row. This masjid is much smaller and more personable which works out a whole lot better for my children and I.

One response to “Staying Busy

  1. Assalamualaykum,
    MaashAllah, sounds nice.

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