Recent Activity Pics

I meant to blog about our activities last week but got caught up in the last post. So, I will post some pictures with brief descriptions instead.


Jamilah and Hannah participated in a read a thon at the library to raise money for the wild animal rehab group. This will count towards their Girl Scout community service bar.


I didn’t mean to post this pic and can’t figure out how to delete it as I am blogging on my phone. Anyway, I hope to sign Yahya up for this opportunity in the fall.


Another awesome library activity which Hannah and Jamilah attended recently was a teen cuisine program. They were instructed how to prepare omelets and quesadillas as well as given basic cooking instructions. They already knew how to cook those dishes but it was a free class and it was fun.


I took the little ones to a dig it dinosaur activity and Isa’s favorite activity was digging in the dirt of course.


We went back to the country library for insect program and saw the biggest skink that I have ever seen before. It wasn’t native to this country.

Finally we attended a make and take it activity where the younger girls put together a book using old book covers to make a collage as the cover. I was concerned I hadn’t done much writing with them lately and this is the perfect opportunity. Things come up on their own from time to time and I’m very grateful for that.


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