Back to Everything

This week was back to school week for Yahya although there were no classes just camp-like activities for the boys to get to know each other and the teachers. I attended the pancake breakfast/orientation on the first day and noticed that he is the oldest boy and probably biggest boy in the school. At first I was wondering if we had done the right thing years ago by holding him back or like we tell him “red-shirted” him. Not long afterwards, I realized that I am grateful he is still at that school for one more year. High school is just too scary to think about at the moment.

In addition to the back to school , the girls and I will soon be back to a full schedule with Girl Scouts and speech therapy. In place of the homeschool co-op, I discovered another homeschool group that volunteers at a local community farm once a month. We are looking forward to that opportunity especially to learn more about gardening. That was one of the farms that Yahya visited during his Farm to Table volunteer week this summer. Other than a few occasional one day homeschool classes and the sisters’ halaqa, that is our schedule for this year, insha Allah, which is really plenty.

Later next week I plan on taking a bit of a break and attending a few of those occasional out of the house activities as I will be traveling to California with my parents to take care of somethings for my brother. (As you may or may not know, my brother, David, passed away in the beginning of August). So, I don’t think I will be really feeling up to a full week of books right away upon return. We will take it easy.

This new schedule has fatigued me a bit more than usual this week. I guess I need to build up more stamina to attempting to keep up with it all. So, I will sign off now and get some rest in order to do it all over again tomorrow, insha Allah.

One response to “Back to Everything

  1. Assalamualaykum,
    I’m sorry to hear of the loss of your brother. May Allah make things easy on you. Ameen

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