On a Sunday Afternoon

After spending most of the morning and much of the afternoon planning, I am now enjoying some time doing things I like such as biking, knitting, and blogging by myself. My husband took the children to class at the masjid this morning and now they are at the park playing frisbee golf and romping through the woods.

During my research time this morning, I discovered that the creek where the children play at the park is the stream point of our watershed. The girls are to learn about our watershed this week and decorate a poster about it to be entered into a local watershed contest for local students and in our case Girl Scouts.

Our Girl Scout troop met this past Friday evening and we had so much fun together. The older girls and I extracted DNA from a banana and learned about body language, facial expressions, and microexpressions.


They also found more similar interests through discussing some of the mystery/detective books that they brought in as part of their homework. It was really nice to see the girls connecting and finding common interests.

Recently, Hannah and Jamilah have taken up making friendship bracelets as a new hobby. It all started with a couple of kits that I found at the thrift store for them during Ramadan. They only now became really into it though and I had to purchase more embroidery thread yesterday. It keeps them busy though and isn’t that expensive.


Back to my own crafting project as the tribe will be back shortly, insha allah:)

2 responses to “On a Sunday Afternoon

  1. Assalamualaykum,
    Which books are the girls enjoying at the moment?

  2. just what i was going to ask!

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