School Update

Eid Mubarak all! I pray everyone had a wonderful Eid full of the rememberance of Allah and time with family and friends. Some of the children were sick here so my husband and I took turns staying home with the sick ones and going out with the well ones.

So Hawwa and Sidddiqah started school last week and are really enjoying it so far. In fact, Siddiqah started crying today because she was sick and couldn’t go to school.  I did have to request that Hawwa go back to first grade as she was behind in all areas. Her teacher and the principal concurred.  I want her to be confident and successful academically.

We have also decided to go ahead and enroll Hannah and Jamilah in school as well. They have expressed desire to try school out for awhile and really want to make new friends. In fact, my husband saw some other hijabis waiting for the bus in our neighborhood on his way to work this morning. I have a feeling they will meet more Muslims at school anyway.

Plus,I really need to spend time tutoring Jennah one on one as she needs some major catching up before we can send her to school.  She also wants to go but isn’t ready academically.

So, life will go on for me planning, scheduling, researching, and supporting them at home. I am still in charge of their extracurricular and enrichment activities. Last week, I took the girls to a few animal programs.




Also, Girl Scouts is still going strong. The girls made a finger crocheted beaded necklace for Eid gifts last week.


Hannah and Jamilah also attended a girls in science camp in with a couple other Muslim girl scouts and another leader. It worked out very nicely because they were able to attend forensic science workshops. We had been working towards this badge in our regular meetings.

May Allah bless you all. Enjoy the rest of the Eid holiday.

3 responses to “School Update

  1. Assalam ‘alaykum Sis,
    Eid Mubarak! InshaAllah your family is feeling better.
    MashaAllah the girls crotched beautiful necklaces. May Allah bless all that you plan to achieve in life. Ameen.

  2. Assalamualaykum
    Wonderful bat photos, maashAllah. Eid Mubarak!

  3. anonymousmuslimah

    Assalamo alaikum,

    Glad the girls have settled in mashaAllah. InshaAllah Jennah won’t be too far behind them.

    Despite being in school mashaAllah their enrichment studies are still continuing. May Allah reward you sister, ameen.

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