Popping In

The last several weeks have been a huge adjustment as Hannah and Jamilah have started school as well. They are in the local public middle school and seem to be happy so far.  At this level they are issued laptops and are sent many of their assignments digitally. They began school towards the end of the first quarter, so we are still trying to find our bearings with material they have missed as they will be responsible for it on the 1st semester exam.

Hawwa and Siddiqah continue to thrive at their elementary school too. Both have had field trip opportunities to local farms in the last several weeks. This week I along with Isa and Jennah popped in to eat lunch with both of the girls on different days. I really do miss them, but it seems that some distance has improved our relationship though.

It is quite hectic in the evenings with homework although they don’t get too much. The difficulty comes with trying to juggle all of it at once. My husband has been helping Hawwa even more though with her weekly reading, spelling, and math. Her teacher actually recommended she be placed in a special problem solving program called Sunshine Math. She also does her homework for this program with him.

In addition to homework in the evenings this week, Yahya and I attended an informational session for the specialty programs in our local public school district. These programs are very competitive and selective. For each program there are about 50 spots and over 400 applicants. He is most interested in the Global Leadership/Economics program,the International Baccalaurate program, and the Informational Technology program. These programs seem to require college level work and time management skills. I am not sure he is truly ready or willing to commit to that. I am not sure he would be able to play sports and do well in such a program either.  We just continue to keep our options open and make du’a.

As for Jennah and Isa, they are still at home, but I am not sure for how much longer. Jennah is showing academic improvement, but I think she is dyslexic as she struggles with reading and spelling. The time I spend with her while the others are at school seems to help. I really need to get her up to speed as I have discovered that I will need to return to work in the near future. I am so grateful for having had this time with my children for this many years without having an additional job, but it has become necessary now.

Since my teaching certificate which is necessary to teach in public schools here has expired, I might try applying for a part time teaching job online to get some work experience as well as earn some money in order to renew my teaching license. I would have to take two graduate courses to complete those requirements.

Since I would need to work in the morning while they are at school, Isa would need to attend preschool. This would not begin until next year so we will again just do the research and see how things work out.

Big life changes along with many life challenges happening over here. May Allah continue to guide us all in our decisions.

5 responses to “Popping In

  1. Assalamualaykum,
    May Allah make it easy for you. How do you feel about the necessity of returning to work? Personally I just dread the idea, it is such a privilege to be able to stay home, but it is harder and harder to do these days. I feel sad for our daughters’ futures. I know I’m going to have to make some income contributions in the next few years. I guess we all just have to grit our teeth and bear it. Again, may Allah make it easy for you, ameen.

    • Wa alaikum as salaam, Ameen. I makes me sad as it is really becoming a reality. I also feel like it will be necessary for the girls’ to earn a degree and or special in something. Alhamdulillah, I am grateful to have my degree. This was a major reason for putting them in school. I doubt they will be able to stay home and care for their children either and allahu alim. Ameen. May Allah make it easy in you as well.

  2. Ahh, sis, its so sad isn’t it.I agree with what you say. Maybe we are the last generation to really get the chance to enjoy stay at home motherhood. Allahu alim.

  3. Assalaamu Alaikum dear sister
    May Allaah continue to guide you and bless you and your family. Indeed Allaah is the Provider, while this is the reality surely things can change if Allaah wills. He gives in abundance.
    You mentioned about relationship improvement. Would like to know in which way and would like to gear myself too, if you do not mind please explain Inshaa Allaah.
    How do you find the mixing of your kids with others in a public school environment especially with the dheen issues and how are they dealing with it? And how do you deal with it if they come back to you with questions on unislamic issues taking place in the school environment? Sorry for so many questions but would like to know it from you than anyone else!!!

    • Wa alaikum as salaam sister, Ameen to your du’as. Jazakillah khayran for the reminder. I asked the girls how they handle it at school and they told me that they try to stay focused on the task at hand and befriend girls who are respectful and studious. I remind them daily to fear Allah and to make dhikr and du’a during the school’s daily moment of silence. I also keep in close contact with the teachers and make them aware of our religious duties and restrictions. I hope that this has helped.

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