Star Student

Each week in Hawwa’s class, the students take turns being the star student. During the week,this student is given leadership roles such as handing out papers, line leader, etc. At the end of the week they give a presentation about themselves so their fellow students can get to know them better.

This week Hawwa was the star student. My parents and I along with Jennah and Isa were able to attend the presentation.

I was really proud of her confidence for her age. I don’t remember being able to speak in public or give presentations at 7 years old.  There was a question and answer afterwards and she was able to gracefully answer questions which didn’t apply to her about boys and holidays we do not celebrate. I couldn’t help but crediting her experience in Girl Scouts with helping to develop her poise and courage.

For the finale, she presented a book that her classmates had written about her to her family and I. The kind words were very touching. I pray her presence in her class and school is a form of dawah which brings both the students and teachers to accept Islam.

10 responses to “Star Student

  1. Ameen thummah ameen. MashaAllah, I was never good at public speaking even at University level and at work lol so well done Hawwah mashaAllah.

  2. Assalamualaykum,
    Well done to Hawwa, maashAllah.
    Do the children get to wear their own choice of clothes at school? Over here there is always a uniform.

    • Wa alaikum as salaam ummrashid,

      Jazakillah khayran.

      Some of the private schools require uniforms here and a few of the inner city public schools as well, but in the schools out where we live, they are allowed to where their own clothes.

  3. anonymousmuslimah

    Assalamo alaikum,

    MashaAllah well done to Hawwa! Heartwarming that she was able to hold her own given that she has been there a very short time.

    That is great that they are able to wear their own clothes mashaAllah. And again I am amazed that you were allowed to attend the classroom for her presentation.

    Ameen to your du’aa

    • Wa alaikum as salaam ummsalam, I think that there are pros and cons to the uniform. I am happy that it wasn’t another expense though. Even though it is public school, there are still fees and costs involved. I like to explain it by saying it might be public but it doesn’t mean it is free. It still doesn’t compare to the expense of homeschooling though. The girls’ elementary school is crawling with parent volunteers. They have many opportunities for volunteering in the classroom and outside the classroom. I would like to volunteer but due to Jennah and Isa being at home, I am unable. The parent volunteers start to dwindle off a bit at the middle and high school levels. They don’t go eat lunch with their children either. By that age, we start to be seen as an embarrassment, lol.

  4. anonymousmuslimah

    Many of my friends complain about the costs associated with school. A new uniform at secondary level is in the region of £300! My husband laughs at me as when I am trying to convince him to spend on what I consider educational activities I always justify it by how much money we are saving by keeping them at home, lol.

    • As salaam alaikum,

      Subhannallah, that is expensive. What about those who can’t afford it?

      Cost of homeschooling here was one of the major reasons we decided to put them in school. They definitely weren’t getting the same educational opportunities that their peers were getting especially since the funds had to be spread out amongst all 7 of them.

      I am finding either way(homeschooling or school), raising and educating these children is truly a test of stamina.

      May Allah give us all the strength to persevere. Ameen.

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