Work Hard, Play Hard

The girls took a short break from their homework yesterday to attend a felting workshop at the fine arts museum. This was Hannah’s and Jamilah’s first experience with felting and they absolutely loved it. In only 3 hrs., they each  hand felted a purse.


While the girls were in their workshop, Yahya was literally across the street playing in a basketball game. His team won again,  although this time it wasn’t much of a competition. I have tried and tried to get some shots of him shooting or with the ball, but my phone just isn’t capable of action shots.

So, now it is Sunday and we are back to the books. The last week before break will require the girls to give it their all with 2 English tests, a math benchmark test, and a couple of projects due. I truly had no idea that our public school system was so rigorous. I worry about Yahya entering into the public school system from private school. It is a whole different ball game there.

4 responses to “Work Hard, Play Hard

  1. Assalamualaykum,
    Nice work, maashAllah. Have some of the other girls done felting before? Somehow I was surprised this was their first try. Maybe I’m mixing you up with someone else!
    They test the kids continuously over here too – although all the talk is that the tests aren’t rigorous enough.

    • Wa alaikum as salaam ummrashid,

      I tried felting once a couple years ago. I felted a knitted cell phone case and machine felted it. This was the first time for the girls though.

      Well, I am surprised with the amount of projects and tests due at one time. The plot project the girls are working on for reading class is due at the end of the week and is worth 40% of their grade.

      Reading is a seperate class from English in 6th grade. It is actually their favorite class. The two books they have read so far with the class have been Freak the Mighty and The Acorn People. Both are books about people with disabilities.

  2. anonymousmuslimah

    Assalamo alaikum,
    Love the felting mashaAllah, they did a great job. I bought kit years ago and I was a disaster! Should retry inshaAllah.

    That is interesting about your observation re public/private schools. I think in the UK it is thought that children get pushed harder and more rigourisly tested in private schools.

    The idea of having to complete projects for homework is enough to put me off the thought of school. I can envisage me doing them instead of the children! I loved those kind of things when I was at school but sadly mine aren’t interested.

    Are you allowed to take pictures or was that pic of Yahya taken covertly? It is forbidden here. From what you have said the US seems more lax on child protection laws than here.

    • Wa alaikum as salaam ummsalam,

      Well, before I enrolled the girls, I also thought that private school was more rigorous. I think it also has to do with the part of time we live in. Sadly, there is a huge educational gap between the quality of education in the suburbs compared to the inner city.

      We were reminiscing just today about the projects Yahya had to complete over the years. My husband helped him greatly! We are wiser now and understand that the girls really need to complete it themselves. With that said, I just proofread Hannah’s essay on rising action, lol.

      Oh, I forgot that the picture was taken at a school function. Yes, we are allowed to take them, but the boys aren’t allowed to post them to social media. I think that is just a school rule though.

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