Grade 9 Coursework and Specialty Programs

I attempted to include this in the comments on your blog, Umm Rashid, but after I tried to post it and it was deleted, I gave up and decided to post it here instead. Please let me know how this compares to the coursework in the UK for Honors students (14-15 year olds).

Honors English 9
Honors Biology
Honors Geometry or Honors Algrebra II
Honors World History II
Health and Physical Edcuation
World Language
High School Elective (Art, JROTC, etc.)

By the way, after attending many open houses, Yahya has chosen to only apply to 2 specialty centers in the county, the Advanced College Academy and the Center for Leadership. The both are very competitive with only about 50 spots available and over 400 students applying to each. Either way, the above coursework is basically standard for both specialty center students and students on the Honors/Advanced Placement track. Please make du’a for him.

5 responses to “Grade 9 Coursework and Specialty Programs

  1. Assalamualaykum,
    That’s interesting UmmTafari, jazakAllahkhair for posting.
    It seems that US students do fewer subjects than over here. I assume that your courses must be more in depth than ours. A typical school student will be doing 9-12 subjects at school at that age. English, maths, science, citizenship, physical education, religious studies and ICT are often all compulsory, although qualifications may not be taken in the last few on that list. (As a home educator I’m not attempting to do as much as they do in school).
    Typically students here do what they call Double Science, which means they do topics from each of biology, physics and chemistry. Those students will usually be doing a foreign language too. My sons dropped French, so they should do the triple science option. Triple science just means double science, with extra topics from each science on top.
    Maths here is not split into algebra etc. You have to do all of it in one course. This is why I suspect the US algebra course will be more extensive than the mixed maths course over here.
    If you are interested in the course content of what I’m doing you can check the courses from this link:

    Those are the qualifications we are working towards. They are not all on that page, but lots of them are.

    You may be particularly interested in the biology course

    May Allah give Yahya success in what he is aiming for, ameen.
    What is a specialty centre, and what will he study there inshAllah?

    • As salaam alaikum ummrashid,

      It must be more in depth then. It just seems a lot to have to juggle 9-12 subjects at once. I guess they want to give them a broad view of a wide variety of possible careers.

      There is actually one boys’ private school close by that focuses on only one subject at a time. I like that concept especially for boys.

      Jazakillah khayran for sharing the links. I have glanced at them once and will go back again, insha allah.

  2. Salaam,
    I put links in my first comment, so maybe that’s why it has gone on moderation!

  3. anonymousmuslimah

    Assalamo alaikum,

    That’s an interesting mix. Is the honours roll for gifted/talented children? I was reading something about an AP programme in the states, and about how people have car bumper stickers from the school stating that their child is on it?

    I have never heard of such a thing here (for gifted and talented I mean) Brighter students may be expected to do more subjects though.

    InshaAllah Yahya will get into his chosen college/school.

    • Wa alaikum as salam ummsalam,

      The honor roll is a list of students who made A’s and B’s regardless if they take advanced, Honors classes, or regular classes. There are bumper stickers for this.

      Now the Honors program in high school is for students a bit more advanced which may include the gifted and talented. But, the Gifted and Talented program is a seperate program for qualified students (those who are questioners, inventor types, those who just do well without having to work hard, etc.)
      Now AP classes are advanced placement classes which you can take your junior and senior year that if one passes they are able to sit for an exam. If one scores a certain score on the exam, they can use it as college credit. It is not easy to pass the test.

      Now the advantage of one of the program’s Yahya is applying for is that in his junior and senior year, he would be taking actual college courses. The professors teach in the high school and he would not have to go to the local community college to take any courses. Plus, this is a free program.

      Honestly, I don’t know if he is mature enough for this program. When I went to the open house, I noticed the majority of students enrolled were girls. I asked one of the professors about the boys’ability to succeed in the program and he informed me that the girls do tend to grasp concepts more quickly, but the boys get it eventually.

      So, I am making du’a he gets in but understand if Allah has other plans for him. Allahu alim.

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