Specialty Centers

Umm Rashid, in repsonse to your comment, specialty centers are like small schools within the public high schools in our county.  They specialize in areas of interest such as math amd engineering, visual arts, IT, humanities, communication, science, world languages, leadership, human development, International Baccelaurate, and the  Advanced College Academy(social sciences and business administration).

Below is the course of study for the Advanced College Academy. Upon graduation, students would
have earned an Associates degree in Social Science.


Here is the other course of study for the other program, the Center for Leadership, Government and Global Economics.


7 responses to “Specialty Centers

  1. anonymousmuslimah

    Assalamo alaikum,

    I’m quite lost, lol! What do you mean by degree? Here a degree is a university course (3 or 4 years)

    Also regarding world languages, what does that cover? Did you cover that with Yahya at home previously or did he just start it once he entered school?

    • Wa alaikum as salaam ummsalam, Yes, an university degree. Those are university courses and they would satisfy 2 years worth of a 4 year degree.

      Yahya has had a semester of Japanese and 2 1/2 years of Latin in middle school. He will probably take 4 years of Spanish in high school.

  2. Assalamualaykum,
    I had to go look up Associates degree, Ummsalam, it is one level below Bachelors. we don’t have a direct equivalent to it.
    The main thing I notice is that a wider spread of subjects is required over a longer period of time. We may do more subjects at age 14-16, but after 16 students can completely drop English and maths if they choose. At age 18 only the very brightest are studying more than three subject courses.
    Also I notice that at the Leadership Centre they will do history in grades 9 and 11, but not in year 10. Over here if you are doing history you will do it in each grade, until you drop it altogether.
    Using myself as an example I did 9 subjects up to age 16 (they do more nowadays), then History, French and English between 16 and 18, then history and English for a Bachelors age 18-21. So, no science or maths after 16 (no wonder I forgot so much).
    So, it is clearly a very different system, but I guess it leads to similar outcomes in the end!
    The Latin should help with the Spanish, inshAllah. I did a short Spanish course as an optional extra when I was 17.
    I was surprised at what you said in your comment on the last post about the professor’s analysis that boys do not catch on as quick as girls. Surely this should be addressed by the teaching methods??? They shouldn’t just leave it like that!

    • Wa alaikum as salaam ummrashid,
      I didn’t even realize that an Associates degree didn’t exist over there. I didn’t receive one as I went straight from high school start to a 4 year university. Getting the general first year courses out of the way in high school or community college would be a huge help financially. For me, my parents just took out loans but since we are Muslims that isn’t an option.

      There are many avenues to getting those first two year coursework accomplished in high school ( we didn’t have these options growing up). Another way is dual enrollment which means actually taking those last two year courses at a community college instead of high school for college credit while still being enrolled in high school. That isn’t free of course but another option if the specialty centers don’t pan out.

      Insha allah, if he gets in, I will have more to say about the teaching method for the boys. Don’t worry!

  3. I got so interested in looking through it all that I forgot to say jazakAllahkhair for sharing!

  4. anonymousmuslimah

    Assalamo alaikum,

    How did Yahya find the language transition? (I can’t remember when he started school?) It is one of the reasons that Aboodi could not enter school for GCSE’s as he has lost out on French/german and latin, which are core subjects here. He is doing online Japanese courses, in fact the university degree he wants to do is an engineering sandwich course with Japanese.

    Regarding finances, how do you intend to work around the loans issue? We have the same issue here, I haven’t really given it too much thought, but it is something I should look into more closely. Are bursaries available there?

    • Wa alaikum as salaam ummsalam,

      He has been in school going on 4 years now. The one semester of Japanese and the one semester of Latin was pass/ fail so neither was too difficult. He hasn’t had a difficult time with Latin either, alhamdulillah. That is interesting Aboodi wants to learn Japanese. We don’t even have that option in high school here. They do offer Chinese though.

      Well, that is why I am so interested in this Advanced College Academy program. That would be the first 2 years free! We will apply for federal financial aid in the form of grants. He might also qualify for work/study. That is a program where the students work at the school to help toward their tuition. Also, he probably will have to get a job and pay for the remainder himself. It is just the reality of it.

      option is for him to go through the technical program in high school in order to earn a certificate or diploma in a technical field so he will be employable right out of high school. Then he would take college courses part time at night. Again, many options, insha allah.

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