Highs and Lows

This past week has been a bit challenging for me as the vertigo I experience has been exacerbated by pregnancy. This has occured a few times when I as driving at night. It felt like as I stepped on the brake, the vehicle was still moving. Very scary. So I am trying out Sea Bands and praying that this will lessen or alleviate the symptoms.

Despite this, I managed to keep busy and stay involved with the children. Isa and I met Hawwa and Jennah for lunch this week. I was able to meet Jennah’s teacher for the first time. Jennah’s class has been studying Ancient Greece and they are preparing for a fun educational festival this coming Friday which I hope to attend if I can find a babysitter for Isa. It was recommended to make a Greek garb for the festivities, so we worked on that project yesterday.


We also need to travel around town and take pictures of Greek architecture for another project for Jennah. Their school is an SOL waiver school which means they have done so well on the SOLs in the last several years, they are now allowed to be project based.

As for Hawwa, I was very pleased to receive a call from her teacher to let us know that Hawwa has made so much progress that she no longer needs reading intervention! Praying the same for Jennah.

The older girls have also had a few projects for homework recently. This week is their exam week though and I am a little nervous. Hannah has pulled her grades up tremendously though and has become quite studious. It has really surprised me.

As for Girl Scouts, cookie season is upon us. The girls are happy to have a whole new customer base now that they are in school. Hannah and Jamilah are competing against one another for the most sales. Well actually, it is probably just Jamilah trying to out sell Hannah. I found this out at the Girl Scout meeting when the Cadettes were discussing sale goals while creating business plans. A little healthy competion is all good.

4 responses to “Highs and Lows

  1. Assalamualaykum,
    The girls seem to be doing really well, maashAllah.

  2. anonymousmuslimah

    Assalamo alaikum,

    How have you found the Sae Bands? I started having some vertigo attacks myself and wanted to try these.

    MashaAllah great news about the girls. I really do think being with other children is an incentive for them to work harder, even for those who are not very competitive. InshaAllah they will continue to keep it up.

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