Parent Teacher Conferences Spring Semester

Last week I met with  Hawwa’s teacher and received great news of academic progress. She advanced from a preprimer reading level in the fall to a current primer reading level. This is where she needs to be. She has also completed speech therapy and shows no sign of needing any help with any sounds. She does however still need to work on proper subject verb agreement, but I have been told that will develop naturally from reading and oral correction.

I have yet to meet with Siddiqah’s teacher, but she did send home the results of her mid year PALs test. She also showed improved in all language areas. I do feel like she gets pushed to the backburner most of the time at home though. I need to pick up the pace with helping her with reading as well.

As for Hannah and Jamilah, I was only able to meet with three of their teachers last night. I was so pleased with the effort their teachers make to help all of their students, maashaa Allah. It reminds me of why I went into education and gave me those warm fuzzies:) The girls were both recommended for Advanced English and Advanced Social Studies again for next year. Jamilah needs to work on turning in her homework in after completing it and not forgetting along with organization. Her social studies teacher has offered to tutor her in organization! I am very appreciative. I didn’t get to meet their science teachers, so I might have to do that on another day.

We are currently bracing for a major snowstorm. They are calling it snowmageddon. Insha Allah, I hope we don’t get as much as predicted. They have already missed so much school this winter.

2 responses to “Parent Teacher Conferences Spring Semester

  1. Assalamualaykum,
    maashAllah, congratulations on all the progress.
    Keep safe in the snow!

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