World Thinking Day and Environmental Project

Today the girls and I went to participate in Girl Scout World Thinking Day with some other Muslim girls in our troop. This year our troop represented Egypt. We were all supposed to help make the display but due to the snow our last meeting was cancelled, so my other coleader ended up doing everything. This is my artsy friend, the one who made the rainbow looms for the girls awhile back.




The girls learned about several other countries, sampled snacks (we served dates), and played games with their fellow girl scouts. It was really nothing elaborate, but they had fun regardless, maashaa allah. Jamilah even ended up meeting one of her Instagram followers in real life. She is probably my most outgoing child except for Yahya.


After that event, we had a short visit with my awesome coleader and her family. Her son generously donated legos and his expertise in helping Hannah create her 3 D green dream house model. She had previously completed the paper, but we were still brainstorming about what to make it out of.


It has a green/living roof, solar chimney, solar panels, and other forms of alternative energy solutions that are a little difficult to see in the picture. Jamilah started hers over there too but it will not be created from legos.

While we were out, my husband attended Yahya’s basketball playoffs. Sadly, they lost but after that game he also played a indoor soccer game that his team won.

Today was a very full day.

2 responses to “World Thinking Day and Environmental Project

  1. Assalamualaykum,
    maashAllah, interesting work. I like the play doh letters.

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