The Capstone Project

For one of Yahya’s courses in the spring of the eight grade year, he is required to choose a possible career and complete a semester long project. After much deliberation, he choose school counseling. He is interested in other careers, but choose this one because he only has a few days to secure an advisor in the field. We felt like someone who worked in education would be more willing to serve him.

Well, our assumptions were correct. In a scurry to find someone as soon as possible and meet the deadline, I drove him right over to what would be his home school high school,  if he isn’t admitted to the specialty centers. We were determined, made du’a, and not about to take no for an answer. When we arrived, school was over and the school counseling office was about to close. The secretary attempted to tell me that I would need to make an appointment. Blah, blah, blah. Well, the lady who would actually be Yahya’s counselor was standing right there (they split up the students by last name) and agreed to chat with us for a few minutes in her office, maashaa allah. She agreed to be his advisor and gave us lots of insight on her job and about the school in general. We learned that there are 63 different countries represented at that school and 47 different languages. Not only are school counselors responsible for academic advising, help with college admission and scholarships, but they are also responsible for conflict resolution counseling. She spent over 30 min.  with us so we were very grateful.

The next step is for Yahya to research all of the resources she shared with us. Then he will probably interview her again via email and possibly have a shadow day. Finally, he will present his findings in April to a panel consisting of teachers and his advisor.

I am just very grateful she agreed to assist him on such short notice. Also I am happy we made a contact at the school which I am hoping gave him more confidence about possibly attending school there.

8 responses to “The Capstone Project

  1. Assalamualaykum,
    Well done for getting her involved! I find anything involving having to ask others to help me very stressful, so this is a challenge I would have struggled to meet.

    • Wa alaikum as salaam ummrashid,

      Thinking I could do it all was literally driving me mad. I was crying everyday and in denial that we truly needed help educating our children.

  2. A salaamu alaikum sounds like your home district is very open to “diverse” people mashaa’Allah, not here my girls went to school and they were awful and not even the students it was the staff lol so alhumdulillah sounds like you all are in a better situation.

    • Wa alaikum as salaam ummkhalil,

      Yes they are, maashaa allah. Everytime I have been there they use that as a selling point. It is one of their greatest strengths.

      I am sad to hear yours isn’t the same. The population in VA is changing quickly though and they will have to adapt.

  3. We are looking to relocate(from Southern NJ) so may I’ll add VA to my list of possibility who knows maybe we can be neighbors lol anyway may Allah give you and your family success in this life and the hereafter and may He grant you ease especially with the new one coming soon. May Allah make him/her of the successful Ameen.

    • Why did I think you were already in VA? You might want to check out Northern Virginia if you are used to a faster paced life like up North. Very diverse up there as well with lots more activities in the Islamic community.

      • Lol no we are trying to stay away from the fast pace we live in a suburban/rural type area now im praying we can find a very rural area I want a lil farm/homestead so were looking more toward the middle of the country inshaa’Allah.

      • I grew up in a very rural area. I found it boring and dull. There are pros and cons though. Those small town people who you can’t wait to get away from are really friends for life. I wouldn’t prefer to raise children there though. I see they have much more opportunity here as well as our close proximity to both worlds- city ( really Richmond is just a big town) and the country.

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