Science Plus

I finally started to recover towards the middle of the week so I went on a few outings with Isa. We went to the park and took a long walk before attending a sisters’ gathering. Insha  Allah, I am hoping that these gatherings continue on a regular basis. They really do wonders for my mental health.



The sisters’ halaqa has also been going strong and we are now meeting on a weekly basis.

Science night at Hannah and Jamilah’s school was Thursday evening. Many of the students displayed  and presented their projects to the parents and their families. It was interesting to observe the girls in their new environment. I noticed Jamilah had difficulty standing in one place for more than a few minutes. I think she gets excited easily. She seems to take after me in that regard.


In more science news, Jennah, Hawwa, Siddiqah, and I attended a Girl Scout mad science event last night. A few of the experiments/activities the older girls had done before at home, at school, or at homeschooling workshops,

but I think most were new to Siddiqah. Some of their favorites were making gak/flubber, making homemade ice cream, and the dancing raisin activity.  The best part again was just being with the other Muslim girls from their troop.




Last night also was the first night of the Model UN conference that Yahya is participating in. It didn’t end until  10 pm last night and started back up at
7:30 am today at the local governor’s school. I also participated in this extracurricular activity when I was in high school, but I am hoping he gets more out of it than I did. His team is representing Argentina. He had to write a paper about human trafficking and present it at the conference. I think it will be good experience for him. So far, he seems to be enjoying it because he likes public speaking.

Once again, today seems to be the calm before another snowstorm on Sunday evening, insha Allah. This is unbelievable. Anyway, we hope to enjoy the outside while we can, insha Allah.

One response to “Science Plus

  1. Assalamualaykum,
    Alhamdulillah, good to hear you are feeling better. I’ve enjoyed looking at all the photos, maashAllah.

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