HS Coursework, Award, and Flubber


I tried unsuccessfully to post this in the comments. So that is why it is posted here. This will be Yahya’s coursework over the next four years, insha Allah. Basically, all freshmen and sophmores take the same basic classes those 2 years with some differences in level, electives, and choice of world language. Yes, umm salam, it is much different than in the UK. Everytime I start to complain about tests, I just think about the system there and how it is all about teaching to the test. I think we have much more creative opportunity here within even the school coursework. The state legislature is even trying to reduce the amount of Standards of Learning tests the students are required to take now and replace them with alternative assessments. Not even the teachers like the tests. It stifles their creativity as well. I am playing close attention to the proposed legislation now that it effects my children.

Another plus to this program will be the fact that he will get more individual attention and academic help. This will be a huge benefit especially at such a large school. He is used to only 9 students in his classes!

He called us from the Model UN conference Saturday to find out if the letters had come yet. He seemed pretty happy to have been accepted somewhere as many students were rejected from other specialty programs. While he was at the conference, he earned an award for outstanding delegate from his committee which consisted of about 50 people. He attributed some of his team’s success to the training they received during the Future Problem Solving courses over the last several years, maashaa allah.

This conference also raised $11,000 for women’s learning centers in Afghanistan, maashaa allah. He thoroughly enjoyed the conference and hopes to continue on with Model UN in high school, insha Allah.


Umm salam, this was the first time I have seen borax used to make the flubber. We have always used glue and laundry starch. Maybe you can try another recipe.

5 responses to “HS Coursework, Award, and Flubber

  1. anonymousmuslimah

    Assalamo alaikum,

    MashaAllah I like the look of the variety of the above course. So it is social science? My course is a SS based one, and I love it. It has really opened up my eyes to many things. I think this is something that muslim schools should look into as a compulsory module.

    I have seen the laundry starch recipe also, but this type of liquid starch isn’t used here. I would have to buy it off the internet from US with huge postage fees. I was thinking if I just added water to the starch, do you think that would suffice? Apparently though the borax one is more sciencey, as you witness the reaction clearly which must be quite interesting!

  2. Assalamualaykum,
    Congratulations to Yahya on his achievements, maashAllah.
    When my girls went on the home ed group chemistry day they made the borax polymer, so it must be available in UK somehow.

  3. anonymousmuslimah

    JazekAllah khairan, I will try that. Borax is available through the large science companies that supply schools, but only in large quantities. Every chemist I asked in gave me very strange looks!

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