Not as Planned

Not much this week went as planned. Allah is the best of planners. Isa was sick for several days, so we just ended up staying home in the middle of the week instead of meeting friends and attending preschool classes. Before he got sick, we were able to visit the botanical garden and run some errands.


I ended up on another baking marathon since Isa was sleeping a lot. This week I experimented with corn bread a couple times and oatmeal squares.



By Friday, he was feeling better so we went to the girls’ school to meet them for lunch.


The highlight of my week was helping the girls with an environmental service project at Girl Scouts. We made seed bombs  for the James River Association to be dropped at the shoreline of the James River to enhance its beauty and assist with erosion control. The seed bombs were created with clay, compost from our backyard, native wildflower seeds, and water. I am glad we decided to do the project outside as it was very messy. Next week, insect hotels, insha allah.



One response to “Not as Planned

  1. Assalamualaykum,
    MaashAllah, really cute pic of the happy lunch time get together!
    alhamdulillah he is feeling better, inshAllah the rest of you will stay well.

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