The first session of Isa’s class started yesterday. We are enrolled in an eight week parent toddler class at a local Waldolf school. It was a two hour session which included us making a craft (fish kite), play time, parent discussion, and a healthy snack.

This was the first opportunity that I had had to observe a Waldorf classroom. The classrooms and the hallways are beautiful. They are all so bright and full of wooden toys and other natural objects. The hallways are filled with students’ brightly colored artwork. It was a very loving and gentle environment overall. We weren’t searching for a school but just a program that I could attend with him. Hopefully, I will learn something along the way though.


Isa was very shy and quiet the whole time. He wouldn’t speak to anyone and stuck to me like glue. I am hoping he loosens up as the sessions progress. I think he was the oldest child in the class.

They have a nice playground so next time I hope they will go outside.

9 responses to “Sprouts

  1. Assalamualaikum Umm Tafari.
    I got really excited seeing your title “Sprout” as we are trying to actually grow sprouts. And I thought you might be venturing into that too.
    But Masha-Allah it’s nevertheless nice to read about your time with Isa.
    Look forward to reading more about this particular program.

  2. Assalamualaykum,
    The furniture looks pretty. InshAllah he will relax more as the sessions go on.

    • Wa alaikum as salaam ummrashid,

      Interestingly, he always gravitates to the kitchen toys.

      I hope does. We were at the playground today and there were lots of children there. He wouldn’t leave my side.

  3. Faris loves the kitchen toys too!

  4. anonymousmuslimah

    Assalamo alaikum,

    I love the Waldorf setting too, but for me the teachers and other parents were the mood killers, lol! A few of the teachers seemed very uncomfortable to see me there, it was very strange, they were giving each other “secret” looks every time I said something. It was an avenue I considered when Aboodi was preschool age, but sadly it was not what I had anticipated.

    I would love to set up a mother/toddler or preschool group with a waldorf theme. The toys are so beautiful mashaAllah.

    • Wa alaikum as salaam ummsalam,

      I am surprised you experienced this. Since this crowd seems a bit more alternative, I would think they would be more accepting. They seem to be the same ones who are into homebirth, La Leche League, etc. At least this has been my experience here.

  5. As salaamu alaikum this is such a cute program mashaa’Allah. @ anonymousmuslimah I get the same reaction for the most part where I live too lol people are funny, what can you do

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