Urban Farm Tour

For the first day of Spring Break, the girls, Isa, and I met up with some of our Girl Scouting friends to donate the insect hotels the girls had made and get a tour of the farm. This is the same farm where Yahya and I volunteered last year by helping to clear land.

The littles ones where entertained by playing in the worm compost and dirt, climbing the mulch piles, and picking dandelions.




The tour held the attention of the older children a bit more. I think they learned a few things. As for me, gardening is very intimidating as we have tried and failed so many times. Thinking of attempting again with container gardening.


The older girls and my coleader.



I did learn that diatomaceous earth can be used to keep the caterpillars and moths from devouring the broccoli plants and other plants in that family which was one reason we didn’t harvest any broccoli last time we attempted.


Diatomaceous earth

The day outside didn’t last too much longer after that as I am currently suffering from allergies as is Jamilah, Hannah, and Hawwa. They were begging me to take them home.

4 responses to “Urban Farm Tour

  1. Assalamualaykum,
    I have also found gardening to be very frustrating and difficult!
    Allergies for us usually kick in around late May early June…sigh…

  2. As salaamu alaikum whay nice trip alhumdulillah. I love the idea of farming so inspiring.

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