Out and About

This week marks the halfway point of my pregnancy. Alhamdulillah, I had a visit with my midwife this week and all is well. Isa accompanies me to my appointments. Her office is in her home and she keeps a box of toys for children to occupy themselves with.


After my appointment, we headed to the park for a toddler out and about program. We enjoyed the birds and just being outside. outside.




Today, Isa had his second Sprouts class and was a little more open to the other children and the classroom in general. He practiced ironing this session which he sees his father doing more than me.


We also started a caterpillar craft project which we will complete next session, insha Allah.


I also wanted to share a picture of the kindergarten classroom which I found to be so much different than a traditional kindergarten classroom.


Our group discussion was about the Waldorf reading philosophy. They teach writing before reading which begins in first grade. We flipped through journals that the first graders had made with drawings and word phrases. They rely heavily on learning through spoken language with lots of storytelling in the early years. It was a very interesting class.

11 responses to “Out and About

  1. As salaamu alaikum alhumdulillah baby news is so exciting mashaa’Allah may Allah bless you with a pious child. Im so excited for you all! I would love to send you a gift inshaa’Allah are you planning on finding out the sex? Im sure at this point it doesn’t make a difference lol alhumdulillah

    • Wa alaikum as salaam ummkhalil,

      Maashaa allah, just the intention is so sweet. May Allah reward you.

      The leg was covering the private parts when I went for the ultrasound and because I wasn’t really sure I wanted to find out, I decided not to. We only found out the gender with Isa and I think it is more exciting not to know. So allahu alim:)

      How about you?

      • ummkhalil1389

        No I found out for all 6 of them! I said I wasn’t going to find out for any of them but when the time came I broke lol I applaud you for being able to hold out. Its so easy to get caught up with all the baby stuff so that takes some serious restraint at least for me so hats off to you.

      • The thing is the more you have, the less you think about it. My neighbor asked me this morning if I was all ready! Lol. I told her that was the last thing on my mind. Don’t have any baby stuff and probably won’t prepare until the end, insha allah.

      • ummkhalil1389

        Mashaa’Allah I was the same way. My baby was born on 10/16 we literally got his stuff 2 weeks before we was born lol. But normally I would save basics car seats ect. This time we got rid of all that stuff and had to get new stuff lol. Baby equipment is so pricey and they grow out of it so fast mashaa’Allah. But I was serious in wanting to send you a gift so inshaa’Allah even if a gift card to some place like Amazon I can send that through email so you wouldn’t have to give out any personal information just keep that in mind inshaa’Allah 🙂

      • Oh. Mabrook to you. Whatever works best for you. I can email you my address if you like. Either way, insha allah.

        Did you have a boy or girl? Do you have a blog? I feel like you know so much about me and I would love to get to know you better, insha allah.

      • ummkhalil1389

        Lol no blog I am a rather boring person lol the type of stuff that excites me would ppl to sleep lol (ex. a tree in the fall whose leaves are a brighter orange/red than the rest lol) however if you’d like we can exchange emails my email address is maritza08330@gmail.com and connect that way inshaa’Allah

  2. Assalamualaykum,
    Is this program taking place in a full Steiner/Waldorf school?
    May Allah bless the rest of this pregnancy and make it easy for you. Ameen

  3. anonymousmuslimah

    Assalamo alaikum,

    Just catching up now as our laptop has a virus and i finally figured out how to accessyour blog on my phone!

    Anyway subhanAllah i can’t believe you are halfway there already. May Allah make it easy for you, ameen! I also couldn’t resist finding out the gender lol! That is one surprise i don’t think i would enjoy!

    Are the children happy about the new baby? InshaAllah i am waiting for you to publish a book on raising a large muslim family 🙂

    Do the girls’ have a school trip abroad soon?

    • Wa alaikum as salaam ummsalam,

      Sorry about that virus. I also post and checks blogs from my phone:)

      Ameen. Hannah and Jamilah figured it out right away. Yahya just asked me if I was pregnant last week. He wasn’t happy:( We haven’t told the littte ones yet.

      The trip is scheduled for next June. We haven’t decided yet. Of course my husband would have to go with them. Hannah’s dream is to travel so I pray it works out for them, insha Allah.

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