ACA Orientation and Summer School

This week I have been spending some time with paperwork and registering Yahya for high school next year. We also discovered that he will have to take World History I in summer school this summer as that course wasn’t offered at his middle school. Most of the students who were dmitted to the program are from our local public school district where they had taken that course as an 8th grader.
We had orginially thought that he would get a summer job until stepping back and realizing that this program basically requires that you finish most of the high school requirements in 2 years Thus, this will be requiring summer school which is an out of pocket expense by the way. He will also have to push himself by self- teaching himself some concepts in Latin that his school did not cover this year in Latin II in order to be fully prepared for Latin III. It seems kind of strange to me that our public school system is more rigorous and advanded than most if not all of the private schools in our area.

So last night, Yahya and I attended the ACA orientation where we learned a little more about the program. They did offer some tips and made the parents aware that they expected independence by 11th grade which begins their college courses. I am going to keep making du’a for his maturity to develop because he definitely needs that in this program.

I think this maturity factor is why the girls out number the boys in this specialty center like most of the other ones as well. We were able to meet some of the other students of the Class of 2018 and noticed another Muslim family, maashaa allah. The family was from Palestine with a son in the program as well. He currently attends the same middle school as Hannah and Jamilah. They live nearby and I am hoping the boys will have some classes together. It is so nice that there is a least one other Muslim boy in that program.

I have to admit that I have some fear and anxiety about all of this justnas Yahya does. There is going to be several major transistions in the fall such as this new school and the new baby, insha Allah. Just trying to take things as they come with the help of Allah.

4 responses to “ACA Orientation and Summer School

  1. Assalamualaykum,
    One other Muslim boy! SubhanAllah I had no idea you were in such a tiny minority in your area.

  2. anonymousmuslimah

    Assalamo alakum,

    That is what it is like here, lol, excitement at one fellow muslim classmate!

    I am not familiar with your system so can’t comment on that, but may Yahya have every success inshaAllah.

    I am very surprised that you find a disparity between work standards between private and state school. Here the private schools are miles ahead. “Public” schooling in the UK is the elite of private schooling. So not every private is public IYKWIM? Our regular schools are known as state schools.

    • Wa alaikum as salaam umm salam,

      Well, from what I have read and noticed from our blogs, our children’s future path doesn’t boil down to just what score they get on the tests. They could technically go to college without ever having taken the SAT (college entrance test) if the go to community college first like my husband did.

      I think there are pros and cons to all modes of education whether it be homeschooling, private school, or public school. I could go on and on about that, so I guess I might save that for an actual post, insha allah.

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