Never a Dull Moment

Another busy and exciting week for everyone this week. Yahya enjoyed a shadow day at his new HS program for next year and got to experience what a typical day in high school would be like. He also met the junior varsity football team and began conditioning and skill training with them. Between spending time at his new school and football practice, he completed one of the last major projects before graduation which was a science experiment. He experimented with the boiling time for hard boiled eggs. It was a tasty experiment.



The last two days he has been on an overnight field trip to Washington DC with his classmates visiting an US congressman and touring museums, maashaa allah.

As for the other boy, Isa, the highlight of his week was feeding the goats during his out and about class. This was a first for him.


The girls were very busy as well this week. Siddiqah had to decorate a hat for a hat parade at school.


Hannah created some beautiful clay flowers.


She was also asked to bake a shoofly pie for her reading class last night. We have never made or heard of this pie before. The main ingredient was molasses.


The project was based on a book that the class is reading called Joey Pigza Swallowed a Key. All of the books Hannah and Jamilah have read this year for this class have been based on children who have disabilities. This one was about a boy who has ADHD. Another book that they read was called Wonder which was about a boy with facial deformities. This book was #1 in the New York Best Seller list. It was also the book chosen for Yahya’s school’s winter school wide read. Do check it out.

8 responses to “Never a Dull Moment

  1. anonymousmuslimah

    Assalamo alikum,

    MashaAllah you all have been busy.

    How did the pie taste?

    JazekAllah khair for the book titles. I will look them up now inshaAllah.

    • Wa alaikum as salaam ummsalam,

      You know I have have noticed my children bicker less when they are busy and occupied. They do seem to have to have structured activities.

      The pie was great, maashaa allah. Hannah brought 2 pieces home for her father and me out of the 3 pies she brought to school. She also shared with some of her other teachers and actually made one her teachers (art teacher) cry from joy. Alhamdulillah.

      Maashaa Allah, if you all like that type of book, let me know because there are more where those come from:)

  2. Assalamualaykum,
    MaashAllah, I’ve heard of shoefly pie before, I’m pretty sure I heard of it from a book….but which book? I can’t remember.
    Nice pictures, maashAllah.

  3. masha’Allah, so much talent packed into your family ❤
    we got the book 'Wonder' recently. only my 14 year old has read it.

  4. Assalamualaykum,
    Oh a variation on treacle tart!

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