Artsy Weekend Projects

Before we get too far into the week, I wanted to share some of the weekend happenings.

This week is teacher appreciation week so Hawwa, Jennah, and Siddiqah wrote messages on their school’s sidewalk thanking them for all their help this year.


Later in the day my husband and I took he girls and Isa to the fine arts museum for the open art studio. We all tried our hand at impressionism with oil pastels on paper. It was such a simple activity yet loads of fun.




I also received a message that the squares my girls and I had knitted along with a few other Muslim Girl Scouts in our troop had been sewn into a blanket and was ready for donation, maashaa allah. This really made my day as I had been working on the project for over a year and was anxious to see it completed.


It gave me such huge sense of satisfaction and gratification  to know we had completed this with our own hands and that it would benefit someone in need. May Allah accept this from us.

2 responses to “Artsy Weekend Projects

  1. Assalamualaykum,
    Ameen to your dua.
    Creative as always maashAllah.

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