Noteworthy Moments

When recording our adventures, I usually have to look back on my phone’s calendar as a reminder of our past weekly events. I do this in addition to using the pictures I’ve captured to jog my memory. This allows me to revisit as well as relive the past week in a way.

A few events that were noteworthy from this past week include Isa’s science class on worms, Girl Scout projects, and attending an open house at the Visual Arts Studio.


Isa experimenting to see if the worm prefers wet soil or sand.


Upcycled book purse Girl Scout project


Inside the book purse


Digging through donated jewerly to find treasures for the Radical Jewerly Makeover


Creating new pieces from old jewerly


Jamilah's pieces from the Radical Jewerly Makeover project

A few other exciting events this week included the little one’s field day at school, Yahya’s soccer games, and an outing for Yahya to laser tag with his classmates and some teachers (his graduation present).

Finally, on the days I don’t have to pick up Yahya from school, I try to find activities to keep the little ones busy. This week they attended a foil art sculpture class at the library. After a read aloud called Lines that Wiggle, they took turn posing while the children drew scribble sketches of each other.


Then they were let loose with wire and aluminum foil to make a sculpture.


It was a bit more difficult than it looked and I wasn’t able to help them as Isa wasn’t able to participate and Siddiqah wasn’t interested. They still enjoyed learning about a new art form.


One response to “Noteworthy Moments

  1. anonymousmuslimah

    Assalamo alaikum,

    MashaAllah lots going on with you as usual. I love the jewellery!

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