Science Fair and Workshops

The theme this week was science. Isa and I attended a couple science workshops. The first was a sink or float preschool science class at the library.



The next day Isa and I attended another preschool science class at the Mad Science laboratory. This was the last workshop of the school year and was about insects.



After that class, we drove right over to the library where they were sponsoring a mosaics preschool craft. It worked out really well because he made a butterfly mosaic.


This week I also volunteered at Hawwa’s first grade science fair at the girls’ school.  I basically had to present a lesson and activities on mixing and dissolving. It was actually a lot of fun and I am grateful that my husband was able to stay home with Isa so I could help out.




While I was visiting their school, I was also able to catch a glimpse at the Kindergartens’ baby chick science project. Siddiqah has been telling us about them for some time. This was a project I always wanted to do with them.


One of the first grade teachers is also raising some ducklings. So adorable.


The next few days are a holiday here and the girls will be heading to their grandparents. Next week will be a busy week with SOL testing and Yahya’s graduation, insha Allah.

4 responses to “Science Fair and Workshops

  1. anonymousmuslimah

    MashaAllah it is great that you are able to be so involved in their school. I also have looked into the chicks idea, but not sure just how much work it involves? How long do they need a heat lamp for?

    • As salaam alaikum ummsalam,

      I wish I could do more actually as there are so many opportunities to be involved, but I don’t always have child care for Isa and I can’t take him with me when I volunteer:( only to eat lunch with them.

      I don’t know about the heat lamp. They were in some sort of incubator until they hatched. They will go back to the farm in a few weeks at the end of the year.

  2. Assalamualaykum,
    what’s going on in the petri dishes?
    The chicks and ducklings are so cute maashAllah. A friend of mine raised her chickens from four days old.

    • Wa alaikum as salaam ummrashid,

      The candy, Gobstoppers, were dissolving in the petri dishes. The other cup had M and Ms and the Ms were insoluble and floated to the top.

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