Wrap Up

This past week was the last week of school for the girls. I attended a couple of their award ceremonies and watched them receive numerous awards, maashaa allah.
Overall, I am very pleased with their academic progress this year. The girls worked extremely hard and we had a positive first year in public school, alhamdulillah. I noticed that they did give much more of an effort in school than they did while they were homeschooling and their efforts paid off. Again, I have come to realize that their are pros and cons to all educational paths (homeschooling, public school, and private school).

The most improved skill for the younger girls was reading. Alhamdulillah, I am very grateful that they were given extra help/tutoring in that area. All of their teachers were so patient and caring, maashaa allah. In fact everytime I visited Hawwa’s class,both Isa and I were welcomed and invited in to stay as long as we wanted.

We will continue to focus heavily on reading over the summer, insha allah. Just this week, we made three visits to the library to attend craft programs and check out summer reading books. Hawwa is now reading the Critter Club series and can easily read through one of those chapter books in a couple of hours. Jennah is also more eager to read on her own as I think it encourages her to see Hawwa reading frequently.

Hawwa, Jennah, and Siddiqah have a week off before their summer program begins. However, Jamilah and Hannah will start a month long program at the technical center this week, insha allah. They will be exploring cosmetology and metal working. Interestingly, one of the mother’s I met a the spring Waldorf program was a hair stylist. She had recently opened a high end salon and educated me on the possibility of working as an apprentice at a high end salon to learn the trade. In that case, the apprentice gets paid and earns a license through work experience instead of having to pay and attend a beauty school. Just an idea and possibility for Hannah. I think they might be able to start at 14 years old as well. It would be nice to have that hands-on skill possibly even before graduating from high school.

Well, as Jamilah jokingly stated yesterday, my chauffeur summer job begins tomorrow as I will begin transporting them all from one activity to the next, insha allah. Yahya’s football camp begins tomorrow and his summer school the following week. They need to be kept busy though yet they will still have plently of down time this summer.

5 responses to “Wrap Up

  1. Assalamualaykum,
    You have a lot lined up maashAllah. We don’t usually have summer programs here, although there are expensive playschemes available for working parents, but I think these are childcare rather than educational.

    • Wa alaikum as salaam,

      @ummrashid and ummsalam
      Yes, almost everything costs money here in the US. The enrichment classes and technical classes are through the county so they are low cost. The camps through the county are free this year. Anything through private organizations are very expensive. The football camp was through the public school and was low cost as well. Yahya had to pay for that on his own though. The private sponsored sport camps are outrageously expensive.

  2. Assalamualaikum Umm Tafari.
    Thank you for sharing the progress of your children here. As a parent with kids in public school system I look forward to these type of positive outcomes.
    I hope Hannah can take up the apprentice opportunity. It’s wonderful for kids to learn a trade.
    My son has come up with a lawn moving business idea for the summer! We are excited about seeing how he does.

    • Wa alaikum as salaa umm sayang,

      I think it has a lot to do with the particular school. Not all schools are created equally.

      May Allah grant your son success in his business. Around here everyone either cuts their own yard or hires lawncare professionals.

  3. anonymousmuslimah

    Assalamo alaikum,

    SubhanAllah I can’t believe it has been a year already! Alhamdulillah that it has gone well and the girls have made great progress.

    Do you have to pay for the summer activities? We also have week long day style camps, but as umm Rashid said they are more childcare with a few fun activities thrown in. A few hundred pounds per week for some of them.

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