Family Art Event and Pre Ramadan Halaqa

There were a couple of noteworthy events this weekend. On Saturday, we attended the Celebration of African and African American Art at the fine arts museum. It was a fun event but was very crowded, so we weren’t able to take part in all the activities.


Fabric stamping


Community tapestry


The Art of Basketball

On Sunday, Jamilah and I attended a preRamadan halaqa at the masjid. The teacher was a special sister who witnessed my shahada about 13 years ago. It is always a treat to attend her classes, alhamdulillah. The topic was on clearing your heart. She also has teenagers, so her tips to clearing your heart could relate to dealing with them especially during Ramadan. This is because they easily push our preprogrammed buttons of reaction (our reactions of ignorance), so we need to work on action(Islamic manners) instead.
Tips for Clearing Your Heart
1. Be in a state of awareness.
2. Don’t get angry.
3. Accept your qadr. ( Don’t blame others for your condition.) Trust in Allah’s wisdom.
4. Try to find the good in everything. Repel evil with good.
5. Make excuses for our children but teach them what is right.
6. Remember the great reward you will get. Your bad deeds will not be forgiven if you hold a grudge. You will not enter paradise if you are holding a grudge.
7. Spread the salams. Spread peace. Peace begins with our families at home.

May Allah reward the sister. May Allah help us with our teenage children. Ameen

2 responses to “Family Art Event and Pre Ramadan Halaqa

  1. Walaykumsalaam,
    Ameen. Lovely advice maashAllah.

  2. anonymousmuslimah

    Assalamo alaikum,

    JazekAllah khair for sharing. May you have a blessed and peaceful ramamdan, ameen.

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