Birth Story

Well, I finally had the baby and it is a boy, alhamdulillah. I went into labor on Sept. 10 at after 1am with my water breaking and irregular contractions. I called my midwife to let her know labor had begun and was supposed to call her back in the early morning. The contractions picked up a bit though and she needed to check on the baby’s position to make sure a homebirth would be safe.

So, she ended up coming over around 5 am as the contractions were about 3 min apart. The baby was head down and not breech which meant I was able to stay at home. At this point labor started to digress and I keep having to walk around to keep it going. The children were on their way to school expect for Hannah who stayed home to care for Isa so that my husband could be my doula.


My husband, the best doula ever


During this time labor had waned and my midwife was contemplating leaving for awhile so I wouldn’t feel watched. Instead, she decided to give me a birth drink to help augment labor. It is German concoction consisting of almond butter, apricot juice, castor oil, herbs, and sparking grape juice. Within an hour contractions picked up again, maashaa allah.

We were hoping that the baby would be born before the little ones came home from school at 2:30 pm, but I was just entering into transition at that time. The birth tub helped take the edge off a bit, but once again like with Isa, I needed more gravity to help bring the baby down. The birth stool it would have to be. I ended up pushing for an 1 1/2 hrs. My babies usually come right out. I have never had to push so long before this one. It turned out his head was 15 in. in circumference which is as big as an 11 lb.  baby. He also weighed 9lbs. 8 ozs.  after the passed several ozs. of meconium immediately after birth. My babies are usually around 8 lbs. We were all shocked he was so big. I had only gained a bit over 20 lbs during my pregnany and the baby alone had made up almost half of that weight. Anyway, he was born at 4:15 pm and my husband has named him Hashem. Everyone is very grateful and excited especially the boys.


Birth tub


Birth stool


Midwife's birthing equipment


Nancy, my widwife of 16 yrs


Labor ball


More birthing supplies


Chinese herbs for afterbirth


Herbal bath for after birth

10 responses to “Birth Story

  1. Mabruk my dear sister! May Allah make Hashem the coolness of your eyes and the comfort of your heart. My duas for you and your dear family.

  2. Assalamualaykum, alhamdulillah, many congratulations on the birth of your new son. May Allah give you a healthy recovery. I’m so glad you had a boy!
    What an amazing birth story!
    Your husband is brave maashAllah!

  3. anonymousmuslimah

    Assalamo alaikum,

    MashaAllah so happy for you that all went well. A big congrats to all the family from us! May Allah make him of the coolness of your eyes and a delight to raise, ameen.

    That birth experience is so far from what we have here. I have never seen a birthing pool with graffiti, lol! Is your midwife a fairly alternative one? I have never even seen a picture of such a thing.

    Anyway I am so delighted for you all, hope you are having a peaceful babymoon together (although I imagine things are hectic, lol!)

    Lots of love and du’aa xxx

    • Wa alaikum as salaam umm salam,

      Ameen. Alhamdulillah for everything.
      There aren’t many homebirth midwives in Richmond, so I guess she would be considered alternative. Homebirth is very alternative here. I don’t know any other Muslims here who have had one although I have referred a few friends to her for prenatal care and a hospital birth. She is a CNM (certified nurse midwife) which means she has to have a physican back her. She also can’t deliver babies in the hospital.

      Yahya called the tub “tagged.” Actually, shee gave us some paint markers today at my postpartum home visit to paint something on the tub.

  4. Assalamu alaikum

    Awww you’ve got me all broody now. I love labour SubhanaAllah! MashaAllah such wonderful news mashaAllah. A baby brother for Isa! May He grow to be a righteous son and a pious servant of Allah. Ameen!

  5. Assalaamu Alaikum sister. Subhanallaah I have missed so much. Sorry I was unable to keep up as I have been having continuous family commitments and making time for many things has been more than impossible last few months.

    So happy to know you and family are doing well and glad to meet little Hashim who shares my surname!!! Maashaa Allaah! May Allaah make him the coolness of your eyes and protect hom from every evil and bless him with every good. Aameen!

    • Wa alaikum as salaam umm Maimoonah,

      So wonderful to hear from you. Insha allah, all is well with you and your family. Ameen to your du’as. Love you for the sake of Allah.

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