Learning, Growing, and Healing

Life goes on here with learning and growing and me trying to regain my strength as well as stamina. At times, I find myself battling the urge to maintain the house and be there for the older children at the level I was before Hashem’s birth. I must remind myself that it isn’t possible at this point. The priority must be caring for him and allowing myself to heal.

With that said, the school year is now in full swing with projects and extracurricular activities. Hannah and Jamilah recently attended a club fair and chose a few clubs to participate in such as the Fitness Club and the World Languages Club. Sadly, the school isn’t offering Art Club this year. Jamilah was selected to be part of the Student Council Association and has enjoyed that so far.

Yahya also continues to keep busy with school and football. I keep reminding him to contact the teachers who sponsor the Model UN as well as the Debate Club so he can get started with those.

He is also scheduled to help facilitate a conflict resolution workshop next weekend where he can earn some money. He took a conflict resolution training course a few weeks ago for community service hours and is now able to help facilitate other youth workshops.

This rainy three day weekend the three oldest children will be visiting their grandparents while we rest up here. Last weekend, we went out for the Eid prayer and activities at the park. I overdid it and was exhausted afterwards.


Yahya and Isa playing putt putt during an Eid celebration.

So this weekend, I will force myself to take it easy.

6 responses to “Learning, Growing, and Healing

  1. anonymousmuslimah

    Assalamo alaikum,

    Yes you must try to take it easy, it is still early days yet.

  2. As salaamu alaikum this is so true. You need the rest mentally and physically I’m sure the children understand. But I can’t look at another baby picture they are making me want more lol.

  3. Assalamualaykum,
    You will get back into your rhythm soon inshAllah. Usually the first sign for me that I’m recovering from something is that I get the feeling I want to get working again.

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