I look forward to the weekend as it provides an opportunity for reflection as well as a bit of downtime. This past week was exceptionally busy with doctor and dentist appointments. All is well though, so I am grateful, alhamdulillah.
I also attended an informational session about an extracurricular program called Destination Imagination with Jennah. It is a team based program where they are given a challenge (science, art, engineering, technology, service learning etc.)  and they have several months to work on it as a team before presenting it at a conference and competing with other schools. It seems very intriguing and I am excited for her to be a part of it.
While I was at her school for that meeting, I was also able to view the entries for the PTA reflections art contest. Hawwa and Jennah turned in artwork to be entered into the “The World Would be a Better Place if…” competition. I believe I had more pictures but somehow they have been deleted.


Anyway, as I have been in this childbirth fog for some time now, I wasn’t sure how the competition worked. Since the exhibit was right next to the art room, I decided to stop by and chat with the art teacher. Well, it turned out that she had been seeking me out as she was a natural childbirth educator and wanted to ask if I had had a homebirth with Nancy, the local midwife. We ended up chatting for awhile about babies, breastfeeding, childbirth, and of course art. It is always great to connect with another woman on that level as there aren’t many women locally I come across who are interested. We are a minority here.
In other news, Yahya had an opportunity to apply to a hands-on dental program for high schoolers at a local medical school.  His biology teacher informed his class about the program and was gracious enough to offer to write him a recommendation. He was accepted to this competitive program, maashaa allah. He isn’t sure dentistry is for him but will explore the career during this program that meets twice month until April.
Attending this program means he will miss a few football practices and have to make them up by doing bear crawls around the field. There are only a few football games left in the season anyway. I was able to watch a bit of a home game recently. In this picture, he had just punted the ball (he plays kicker, safety, and sometimes quarterback). I am attempting to learn the game.


Finally, the girls and I did wind up rejoining Girl Scouts. The troop consists of only my family and my coleader from last year and her two girls. Our first meeting was at a park where the little ones participated in a scavenger hunt.


The older girls and I began reviewing the rules and regulations for the Silver Award Project. This is a self directed project that takes 50+ hours to complete. It can be done over a couple of years. I am not sure if my girls and I are motivated enough to take something this massive on at this point. I just don’t know about this. It makes my head hurt to even think about it.
So, I am going now to try and enjoy the weekend, insha Allah.

One response to “Regroup

  1. Assalamualikum, this time of life is such a hustle and bustle of activities, alhamdulillah. May Allah give us the strength to make the most if it. So many good things to remember maashAllah.

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