High Energy

Reflecting over this past week, I am feeling that it was very productive. One of the main qualities that I have tried to instill this week as well as on a continuous basis is time management. This is an essential skill for everyone and it becomes even more important as they get older and become involved in more activities. 

Jamilah has become even more motivated after visiting the high school open house several weeks ago. She attended her first Teen Advisory Board meeting at the library this week. Most of the members are much older as they are high school seniors applying to colleges. Since the meeting didn’t end until late, she agreed to stay up after fajr to study for her math test. I explained this getting up early and studying is a worthwhile trait of successful people. Hopefully, her motivation will continue.

In other highlights, Yahya had his first basketball scrimmage this week. The ninth grade team only had the opportunity to play the final quarter of the game against the same JV team. They did very well. This was a private school team and he had played against many of the players for the past several years in middle school. He didn’t score in the three minutes he was on the court but his defense was excellent.


Yahya is the one in the air on defense.

Hashem is content to stay home with his father while I got to games and other meetings. I just feed him before I leave and he usually falls asleep. It is funny because I would have never even considered leaving my first couple of children when they were babies. Things change though and I am grateful that my husband is willing to work together.

As for Isa, I am witnessing him becoming more independent and more confident. I took him to several storytime sessions this week and he was happy to move up front on his own. So much progress there.



Isa exploring different types of catapults at the library.

In other exciting news, Jennah began meeting with her Destination Imagination group after school. They had not yet been given the actual challenge for the competition but are practicing impromptu skits and challenges. She absolutely loves this sort of thing and is also able to work with her close friends from her class.

2 responses to “High Energy

  1. Assalamualaykum, maashAllah it’s all going really well.

  2. anonymousmuslimah

    Assalamo alaikum,

    MashaAllah things are going well at your end, may it continue inshaAllah. I am another one who is staying awake after fajr trying to cram some studying in.

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