Winners, Tutors, and Mystery Reader

Just when I thought I was fully recovered, my sore throat and illness returned at the end of last week. I am thinking it may have something to do with the winter dryness.

Before winter break ended, Hannah and Jamilah participated in a teen cooking challenge at the library with another Muslim friend. The challenge was put on by the 4-H extension agency. They had a blast and won first place for cooking a vegetable stir fry. Apparently, the judges loved the raw cucumber crunch on top. This picture and article appeared in the metro section of the next morning’s newspaper.  More pictures on the county’s library website here.

We finally got the tutor situation sorted out. The Muslim brother didn’t work out unfortunately. So, we decided to go for the real deal and hire a tutoring company. It is much more expensive, but at least they are professional. Insha Allah, this will help Yahya because he is really struggling with this geometry course.  The tutor came over to help him last night with a project. He was using some sort of CAD (computer design software) to do the  constructions.  Such a far cry from how I learned geometry in high school.

This week Siddiqah was student of the week.  Like Hawwa, Siddiqah had to create a poster about herself.  My husband also volunteered to be the mystery reader in her class yesterday. He read some fables which according to the librarian, they don’t get a chance to read much in school anymore.  The first graders just loved it and kept asking him to read more.  He really enjoyed it as well.  They are so cute and innocent at that age, maashaa Allah.

2 responses to “Winners, Tutors, and Mystery Reader

  1. Assalamualaykum, sorry to hear you are unwell again. May Allah make it a purification for you. Ameen.
    My boys have found attending weekly tuition for one hour on Saturdays a big help with their maths maashAllah. Hope Yahya will benefit similarly.
    Congratulations to the girls on their cookery win maashAllah.
    Be sure to update me on the Flat Stanley project!

  2. anonymousmuslimah

    Assalamo alaikum,

    Congratulations on the achievements mashaAllah.
    Good to know that your tutor issue is resolved. I personally am not a fan of using ICT for problem solving, I struggle with the constant updates and differing versions!

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