Artful Decisions

These past several weeks have been filled with preparing for mid term exams and tough decisions about courses for next year. Even though Yahya did take a few exams in middle school, he found his first high school exams much more intense and comprehensive.  The geometry exam was by far the most challenging with having to finish 70 problems in a hour and a half. He has shown progress though in his performance since he has been working with 2 tutors. Interestingly,  one of them pointed out that he has a solid foundation in math and is quite good at the basics. The problem seems to be his visual spatial reasoning and difficultly seeing things in 3D. I am wondering if this is developmental. Regardless, he will continue to plug away at it and await the results of his exams.

Hannah and Jamilah also had to sit for exams but theirs weren’t quite as long or intense.  We have been busy mulling over electives next year for them. High school is already on the horizon and we need to choose courses in conjunction with course requirements for the specialty centers they may be interested in. So, both girls decided to continue to pursue art and take Art I for high school credit.  I am delighted with the improvement I see in their art ability and have to contribute much of it to the exceptional art program their school offers.

Speaking of art,  Hannah and Jamilah have both applied to a spring/summer museum leader in training program at the local fine arts museum. Please make du’a for their acceptance into the program. My husband burned an art portfolio for them on CD. Here are some of the samples they submitted plus some artwork they have created recently.





In addition to the art elective, Jamilah will continue with Spanish to earn another high school credit in world languages.  Hannah has decided not to continue with Spanish next year and take journalism instead.  I met with their school counselor and she highly recommends journalism as well. The extra help in writing really sold me.

As for the younger children,  they
are really holding their own. I notice that I don’t stress about them as much as I do with the older children.  I also don’t put as much pressure on them and don’t tend to overreact. 

Recently,  Hawwa and her class participated in a Flat Stanley project.  They all wrote to friends and relatives around the country and world and were sent back letters and souvenirs.  Hawwa wrote to Umm Rashid and she sent back a letter, pictures,  and paper dolls.  Jazakillah khayran sister. Everyone loved this. Here are some pictures of the display.



Umm Rashid's reply

The older have a global art event today at the library with their Muslim friend while the little ones will have a Girl Scout meeting.  They also have off Monday and a new semester begins on Tuesday.  I am keeping positive,  insha allah.

7 responses to “Artful Decisions

  1. Assalamualaykum, thank you for sharing the photos of the Flat Stanley project, it all looks great maashAllah.
    I’m really impressed with those art pieces too, maashAllah!
    My boys find geometry the hardest part of math. They also find it very hard to visualise in 3D. I am also unable to visualise shape. Maybe it’s one of those things that comes naturally to some and not to others.
    May Allah give you all success. Ameen.

    • Wa alaikum as salaam ummrashid,

      Thank you again for being part of the project. Ameen to your du’as.

      This geometry struggle has been a been a life lesson for sure.

  2. As salaamu alaikum the art projects are beautiful. I remember reading an article that stated that people who do well in Algebra struggle in Geometry and vise versa. For example, I always did well in Algebra but struggled so much in Geometry. My daughter on the other hand struggles so bad in Algebra but breezed through her Geometry chapter. So it might just be his weak spot. And the Flat Stanlet project is so cute. May Allah make it easy for him and all your children.

    • Wa alaikum as salaam ummkhalil,

      Jazakillah khayran. And amin.

      I have been hearing the same thing about algebra v. geometry. Has your daughter taken geometry? Is it also a separate course where you live?

  3. My boys definitely prefer Algebra!!!

  4. No she is the 7th grade so she is taking Pre-Algebra and it had a small chapter on Geometry and she finished the entire chapter in 3 days where we have had small chapters in algebraic expressions and it took two weeks so Allah knows best but she seems to do better in the Geometry. It is a separate course up here usually taught in 9th or 10th grade depending on when they took Algerbra. So we will see inshaa’Allah.

  5. I meant depending on when they took Algebra 1.

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