A Briefing

I have had intentions of updating some time ago, but illness and living life altered my plans. The main event last week was Hashem’s hospitalization for RSV. He was having respiratory distress, so his pediatrician sent us to the ER where he was admitted for several days. Scary stuff, but alhamdulillah, he is much better now.

Life goes on with parent/teacher conferences for the older ones this week. I was only able to meet with a few of their teachers though. The girls just really wanted me to meet with their math teachers to discuss whether or not they would be enrolling in Algrebra I next year or Math 3. The final decision won’t be made until the end of the year though.

I was also able to catch up with their English teacher.  She gave a good report and was very excited about Hannah’s performance on a recent writing research project about Edgar Allen Poe. Both girls had chosen him unknowingly.  There is actually an Edgar Allen Poe museum here in Richmond we are hoping to take the girls to sometime soon. On a sad note, the girls were not admitted to the teen program at the fine arts museum.  We will have to find something else for them this summer.

As for Yahya’s progress, his teachers give mixed reviews.  His performance in geometry had improved due to being tutored. The biology teacher was also happy he was turning all assignments in on time. On the other hand, he needs to catch up a bit in World History II and English.  I think he is still trying to find balance at the high school level.

Basketball season is over, but football conditioning will take over on a daily basis in the spring. I tried to encourage him to try out for soccer, but much to my dismay he has a one track mind with football when it comes to sports.

Both Jennah and Hawwa received straight As for the second quarter,  maashaa Allah. This is such an improvement from last year for Jennah. She has really been working hard and her teachers and both my husband and I are extremely proud of her. She is striving to earn a leadership position as a fifth grader for next year too. She also continues to prepare with the Destination Imagination team to complete their service project and also to prepare for the competition in a few weeks. I will fill you all in when that comes around.

Next week I meet with the younger girls’ teachers.  I pray everyone stays healthy.

4 responses to “A Briefing

  1. Assalamualaykum, congratulations on all the progress maashAllah.
    Sorry to hear about the hospital stay, it’s so stressful when they can’t breathe well. Alhamdulillah he is better.

  2. anonymousmuslimah

    Assalamo alaikum,
    Sorry to hear about Hashem’s recent health. Hospital stays are so draining. InshaAllah he will make a full recovery.
    MashaAllah congratulations for the continuing success of the children in school.

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