Meeting All Their Needs

This past Wednesday I brought Hashem to the doctor as he has been sick with another cough. Alhamdulillah, I took him in when I did because his lungs sounded junky again and she diagnosed him with pneumonia. The bout with RSV really weakened his immune system and has made him vulnerable to other illnesses.

So weekdays have been rather quiet and we have been homebound during the day in order to give Hashem time to recover. During the evenings I have been on the go with the other children attending a winter sport’s banquet, science night at the middle school, and  Jennah’s parent teacher conference.

This weekend Jennah’s Destination Imagination competition  took place. I was able to watch her team’s performance and even though they didn’t place, I thought they did a wonderful job. This activity really helped her become more confident and assertive. Her teacher mentioned during our conference how much Jennah as come out of her shell as a result of participating in this program.

Her team collected over $60 in cash and 12 boxes in supplies for the animal shelter.



While Jennah was at the competition, Hannah and Jamilah created some geek jewelry at a library program. It turned out they were the only participants. My favorite piece was a pendant Hannah made.


Insha Allah, praying the rest of the weekend will be peaceful. We have a busy week ahead.

3 responses to “Meeting All Their Needs

  1. Assalamualaykum, maashAllah nice work! I’m sorry to hear about the little ones health difficulties. May Allah strengthen his body, ameen

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