Picture Post

I have many pictures of recent activities to share.

Isa and Siddiqah attended science night at one of my Muslim’s friend’s daughter’s preschool. It is a STEM based preschool. Basically, they had most of the activities I had done with the older children when they were younger and homeschooled. Isa is becoming more social now and has been attending the child watch at the Y while I get some exercise.




Yahya completed the dental scholars program and I accompanied him to his graduation.



Hawwa and Siddiqah created Jackson Pollock like art at an arts in the park class through the county.


Spring break began Friday and the festivities have begun. Yahya had a tonsillectomy and adeniodectomy Friday so he will be recovering the whole spring break. Hannah and Jamilah went kayaking with my husband today at a nearby lake.


It was rather windy but they did well for their maiden voyage.

The younger girls went to my parents’ house for a few days and the older girls will also visit towards the end of the week. Insha allah, we have a lot of activities planned and I hope to share pictures here aftewards.

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