Ranking up and Photography

Before I forget what we have done recently,  I will jot down some of the latest happenings.

Hannah and Jamilah just completed a three-week photography class at the fine arts museum. They learned many new techniques that they hope to continue to practice. Here are a couple of the pictures they took during the class.



Last week I attended the JROTC awards ceremony. It was a very nice ceremony and I was able to watch Yahya rank up to Lance Corporal. Not everyone is able to rank up.  They have to earn this by getting good grades, having good behavior, and completing community service.


So far, this program has been very beneficial. Whether or not he decides to join the military, he has learned commitment, focus., and dedication through this program. The sergeant major who is retiring this year was a very inspirational and supportive teacher. He even called to see how Yahya was doing after his surgery. Even though I only met him in person a couple times and spoke to him on the phone once, he also made a lasting impression on me. During his farewell speech at the ceremony, he reminded the cadets that their first priority should be God and their second priority should be family. He will be a tough act to follow.

Isa has been having a ball with his sports classes and at preschool. He also enjoyed a science class at the library this past week where he learned how to use a magnifying glass and a dropper.




The SOL tests are finished except for the two remaining for Yahya. They were not required in private school but he must take them to earn the advanced diploma for public high school. He will also have to sit for the exams in the classes he did not have an SOL test which are English and Latin.

This weekend is a long weekend as it is a holiday. We do not have any special plans. I’m just playing on taking things as they come. Jennah does have some essays to write as part of applications for leadership positions for 5th grade. She may apply for more than one but may not be chosen for than one position. The positions she will apply for are peer ambassador, safety, and news reporter. Please make du’a for her success.

2 responses to “Ranking up and Photography

  1. Assalamualaykum,
    May Allah give Jennah success. Ameen.
    We don’t have plans for the weekend either, except catching up on the backlog of household chores!

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