This morning I have been gathering old homeschool books and supplies to pass on to another Muslim homeschooling family. It all started last week when my husband wanted to clean out his man cave which was cluttered with boxes of supplies which were just collecting dust. I added more materials to the give away pile this morning. I wasn’t expecting to feel so nostalgic,  but I guess I realized that the chances of me going back to how things used to be are nil. When people ask me if I miss homeschooling, I usually reply that I just don’t know how I did that for so long. Honestly, there are some aspects of homeschooling I miss, but life is so hectic there isn’t much time to reflect on the past and maybe that isn’t such a bad thing.

So moving on because what else can we really do… We have just finished up the second week of summer. Hannah and Jamilah are halfway though their programs at the technical center. This week Jamilah accompanied the preschools to the Children’s Museum and Hannah learned more about gathering evidence from crime scenes.


Yahya became a certified member of a teen community response emergency team. He had to apply to take this course which was offered at the library and taught by some of the county’s first responders. After completing a first aid and cpr training along with a 4 hour drill, he had earned 25 community service hours and was officially part of the Teen CERT team. The teens were given backpacks filled with equipment used in emergency situations. Although he was very reluctant to take the course, he is glad he did and said he would be interested in possibly being trained as an EMT ( emergency medical technician ).


He is visiting my parents this weekend along with the three younger girls.  While they have been gone, I took Hannah, Jamilah, and Isa to the fine arts museum to complete the gallery hunt which we didn’t have time for last weekend.






My husband and I are taking advantage of having half of the children gone by cleaning and purging things we no longer use. He also likes to do this during Ramadan to take his mind off of fasting. So, back to work…

One response to “Sentimental

  1. Assalamualaykum, the education provision in your area seems very diverse and enriched, so you don’t need to regret your decision to quit homeschooling. I am amazed at the variety of programmes on offer to your kids. Education here is much more basic.
    May Allah bless your kids with success. Ameen.

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