A Fun Busy

We have kept an early wake up time all summer so even on Sunday with nothing to get up early for, I am still up and wide awake at fajr ready to start my day.  The past week has been extra early as Yahya has needed to be at football practice before 6am and Jamilah at field hockey tryouts by 6:30am. By the way, she made the high school team as an eighth grader which is still middle school here. We are really happy and excited for her.

This week has been the first week that Hawwa, Siddiqah, and Jennah have been home all day after their month long summer enrichment and summer camp. The girls studied Spanish, art, and STEM. Their Spanish teacher was Jamilah ‘ s Spanish teacher this past year. They had a blast in both programs.


Meanwhile, Hannah and Jamilah engaged in the HandsOn Greater Richmond ‘ s Farm to Table Teen Impact program. This year they helped harvest and weed at several urban farms, assisted with setting up a farmer’s market, and took part in meal delivery to shut ins. They absolutely loved it.



As a result of these programs, Hannah has really taken an interest in volunteering. Recently, she applied to volunteer in the child watch at the YMCA and begins orientation at the end of the month, Insha allah. I have also signed her up for a program called Helping Hands which is a program through the county’s parks and recreation.

In addition to football, Yahya has been offered several youth leadership positions with nonprofits. He also has an interview this week with the aquatics director at the YMCA for a lifeguard position. She offered to train him for free and hire him. They are desperate for weekend help as most of their lifeguards were college students and have gone back to school. We are praying he will be able to complete the requirements which include a 300yd.swim.

He did graduate from the Youth Conservation Corps. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend as the park was 4 hours away and it was just too long of a drive for Hashem. My husband picked him up and attended the ceremony. Yahya give a mixed review of the experience. I guess that is life though with taking the good and the bad. He was happy to earn the stipend though and has opened a bank account with it.




So, this past week, I had everyone at home and tried to keep them occupied with taking them to the YMCA ‘ S pool in the morning. The pool is very child oriented as the depth ranges from 2.5 ft to 3.5 ft. The little ones have not yet had a lesson but have taught themselves how to swim, maashaa allah.

By afternoon, I had to take Jennah to an art class at the VMFA called Stepping Outside the Box. They made some sort of art journal with a special name. I have not been able to see it yet as one of her pages was chosen to be displayed in the student art show next summer like Siddiqah’s was this summer, maashaa allah. She wasn’t sure why because she didn’t feel like it was her best piece but it was outside the box!


Yesterday, my husband took the older girls to purchase school supplies. It will soon be time for school which also comes with mixed feeling here. They have really been blessed with a wonderful summer full of tons of fun and educational opportunities. A few more weeks of vacation before they buckle down. Enjoy!

2 responses to “A Fun Busy

  1. Assalamualaykum, sounds great maashAllah. We get late mornings here all summer due to evening activities extending until maghrib, so I often have my husband and the boys coming home for dinner at 9pm. This pushes everything late!

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