Allah Knows Best

To begin on a happy note, Yahya became an official lifeguard this week after the aquatics director at the YMCA certified him. He was hired and will begin working as soon as the paperwork goes through and he attends the new employee orientation. This will be a weekend job including Friday evenings after football season ends. We did alter his academic schedule a bit to help him fit in all of his activities. He dropped Latin IV and picked up a study hall instead. All he needed was three years of a world language to be eligible for a advanced diploma. There is really no advantage to taking four years of Latin. Many colleges admissions  don’t even require any language. I am really going with the mindset that his academic load is already stressful enough. I am making du’a he will benefit from the daily study hall.

Speaking of eligibility, Jamilah was devastated to learn that she isn’t eligible to play on the JV field hockey team that she made after all since it isn’t our home school. I made all the phone calls to athletic directors I could and learned that this is a Virginia High School Sports League rule. Our home school doesn’t have enough girls for  JV team and since she is only in 8th grade she isn’t eligible to play varsity. They really take high school sports seriously here in the US due to possibly earning scholarships for college. Anyway, hopefully she will play intramurals at the YMCA this fall and be ready for next year.

Lastly, in one of the last trips of the summer, we hopped on the highway yesterday and headed toward the Tidewater region to a close by state park. It was Estuaries Day and there were many free activities for families. My husband and the girls canoed the creek and we had a lot of fun.









4 responses to “Allah Knows Best

  1. Salaam,
    Lifeguarding is a great skill. We would love to have some female lifeguards for the community, but its very expensive to do it here, and always in mixed groups. Excellent weekend job.
    Sorry about the sports team disappointment. It’s qadr Allah.

    • As salaam alaikum ummrashid,

      It seems to be working out so far, maashaa allah. They had a simulation yesterday, but he was working the other pool. I didn’t know they were going to be tested like that. It keeps them on their toes I suppose.

  2. anonymousmuslimah

    Assalamo alaikum,

    Just catching up. Yes I definitely wish we had lifeguard opportunities here too.

    May Allah give Jamilah something better.

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